Zanussi ZWF01483WR Washing Machine Review

Zanussi Lindo300 ZWF01483WR
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Review Summary:

This washing machine will appeal to buyers that want to wash larger loads of laundry. It has a huge amount of interior space and it has features that help it to deliver great cleaning while also being very efficient for its size. The layout of the controls could be a little better, but once you get used to them they should cause no issues. This is a larger machine that comes at a great price, so it offers excellent value for people that have a lot of laundry to do. Click the green button below to read some of the many glowing customer reviews!

The Zanussi Lindo300 ZWF01483WR is a large capacity freestanding washing machine that has a lot to offer. You have a nice variety of features and options that make the machine versatile, and it works well across a range of different laundry jobs. In addition to that, this model offers solid efficiency for its size. It has an estimated energy consumption of 232 kilowatt hours per year and a corresponding running cost of about £35, which isn’t much more than some significantly smaller competing machines.

If you’re a person that regularly needs to do large loads of wash, then this is a washing machine that should meet your needs. It has large drum with a 10kg weight capacity and it has a nice large opening that makes it very easy to load. The size of this machine will be more than enough for almost any family.

Click here to read what 79 buyers think of this model – 97% of them would recommend it to a friend which should give you a pretty good idea!

With the Lindo300, you get programmes and options that can make it a good machine for all of the washing jobs that you’ll need to undertake. You have fourteen programmes that cover all of the standard wash settings, and then there are special programmes for a quick wash, wool and economy. Beyond that, you also have functions for intensive wash, a delayed start and control over the speed of the spin cycle.

One nice feature of this machine is its ability to weigh the load and make adjustments to the water and drum action to provide optimal efficiency. If you put a half a load in the machine, it automatically makes the adjustments to provide the best performance.

This machine scores well in the ease of use department though there could be some room for improvement with how you set the machine. It has the nice large porthole and wide swinging door to make it easy to load, so there will be no complaints there, but they could improve upon the controls. All of the controls are easy to access on the front panel and you do have an LED display, but every option and setting is controlled by buttons. With this layout, you have to make multiple button presses to get the machine to the settings that you like and if you happen to pass the option that you are looking for, then you have to cycle back through. Taking into account all the other strong selling-points this is really only a minor concern.

As for the cleaning results, this washer delivers optimal cleaning on pretty much all the settings. It gets out heavy soiling with the intense settings and it is gentle enough to wash delicate items without causing damage. As long as you use the right settings for the job, it should always provide excellent results (and for many jobs the quick wash will be more than adequate).

All in all, this is a highly recommended machine at a very reasonable price which will particularly suit families who have lots of washing to do.


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• Good cleaning capabilities
• 14 wash programs
• 10kg weight capacity
• Spin cycle of up to 1400 rpm
• Adjustable spin cycle speed
• Front panel display
• 30 minute quick wash
• Delay start timer
• Anti-flood protection
• A+++ energy rating


• The control setup could be a little better

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3 thoughts on “Zanussi ZWF01483WR Washing Machine Review

  1. This machine is terrible, had my old Zanussi for over 15 years but needed a replacement when it died so we got the Lindo 300 and have regretted it ever since! The machine has rarely spun or drained and my hubby has to force it to spin then drain.
    It’s now packed up completely as it wouldn’t drain so it had to be manually drained and it no longer spins. Constantly fed up with the repeated and continuous E20 errors, you’d think it was manufactured in Albert Square, Walford…..cannot return it either as its out of the 1 year guarantee period so that’s £350 down the drain!

  2. I’ve had a Zanussi Lindo 300 9Kg for 2.5 years and in the past 2 months it has started to break down. It won’t spin or drain whatever programme I put it on. I’ve had an engineer out to look at it but he had no joy in repairing the fault. I have tried cleaning it, removing kinks in the drain hose and factory resetting it from advice found online – all with no luck. There are 2 of us in our household and on average we put 1 wash on a week, mainly because I work away and spend a lot of time away from home. Surely a washing machine should not break down after this little use? The reason I got a Zanussi is because where I work we have a domestic Zanussi washing machine, which has been used 3-4 times a day for the past 4 years and is still going strong. Maybe we got the wrong model? Either way, I certainly won’t be buying Zanussi again.

  3. I am very dissapointed with this machine – I live alone and find having to wait until I have a full load is at times frustrating. There should be a half load option combined with a 1400 spin. Having to stop and repogramme spin speeds is frustrating also with my machine, no matter how many combinations I try, my washing is still soaking wet. Drying outside takes at least twice as long and with winter approaching I dread having to try drying washing indoors.
    I feel strongly that with sophisticated systems such as this particular model, dealers should be more responsible when making a sale. Relevant information should be provided to the buyer to make them aware that this machine is really not suitable for single people,especially older people like myself.
    I have always been faithful to the Zanussi brand but unfortunately all I can express is disappointment and regret that I may have to change to a washing machine more suited to my needs and abililties

    1. This machine is capable of half loads.

      As described above, “…One nice feature of this machine is its ability to weigh the load and make adjustments to the water and drum action to provide optimal efficiency. If you put a half a load in the machine, it automatically makes the adjustments to provide the best performance…”

      My wife and I have had this model for over a year now, and find it to be a very efficient machine for both large or small loads. If you are in a rush, the “Quick” mode is very useful, otherwise the lengthly standard wash cycles are most efficient.

  4. Our zanussi linde 300 has failed after just 15 months, we are told it is a module that has failed and it is going to be uneconomical to repair. Will never knowingly buy another zanussi or Electrolux appliance again.

  5. I love the 10kg drum as it means I now don’t have to do so many washes. I have 3 messy kids and they get through so many clothes! It’s really quiet on spin too. Great machine, very happy with it


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