Washing Machine Reviews

Washing machines have really come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Manufacturers are continually developing new technologies, and refining the way that these machines operate.
For the people that use a washing machine, this can be great. The newer models provide better cleaning and they have a number of features that can make the task even easier. That said, it can make the decision making process a little more complicated.
Of course, there are people that just go out and look for either the cheapest machine that they can get or those that just buy best model that is currently available. For these both of these groups, there is not much research that goes into the buying process. However, a smart shopper will take the time to consider a number of factors that can help them to get the most for their budget.
Investigating a number of different washing machines can be time consuming, and in some case, it can be confusing. You have hundreds of different models to consider and while they will get your laundry clean, they all offer a different level of value and performance. This is where our reviews and resource pages can come in handy.
On this website, you can find reviews for many of the top washing machines that are on the current market, and we have resource pages that can help the buyer to gain a better understanding of their choices. With our reviews, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of the different machines, and we even include price comparisons from many of the top online retailers.
Beyond the reviews and buying guides, we also list our picks for the best buy washing machines for the year. In this, we consider a number of points that help to make a washer a good purchase and we break the best buys down buy budget. These picks can be a great resource for buyers that are looking to find a good machine that fits in with the amount of money that they are looking to spend.
With all of this information in one place, it can make the shopping process much easier, and it can be a great way to ensure that you are making a more informed purchasing decision.

What do buyers look for in a washing machine?

Just as you have an array of different washing machines to choose from, there are several different types of buyers. In shopping for a washing machine, there are many different points that a buyer may consider, and different people will value these points differently.
For some shoppers, they just want to find a machine that provides the best performance for the price, for others, it may be specific features, and there are people that will only buy appliances from a specific brand.
The following includes some of the points that a buyer may consider when they go shopping for a new washing machine.

Performance: While most machines will provide adequate performance for cleaning, it is still a point that should be considered. In addition to the basic consideration of cleaning performance, you also have factors like spin performance, the quality of fabric care, the amount of time it takes to run a cycle and how well it performs for different laundry tasks.
Build Quality: As important as build quality is, it is a point that so many buyers fail to consider. When you spend as much as you do on a washing machine, you want to make sure that you are getting a machine that is well made, and one that will perform reliably for a number of years.
Freestanding or integrated: Depending on the design of your laundry space, you may choose to go with a freestanding machine or one that gets integrated into the design of the room. To learn more about this choice, read our guide to integrated appliances.
Features and programs: For some buyers, it is all about specific features or programs. Once a person has a specific feature or program that they find to be useful or more convenient, it becomes something that they are going to want to have on every washing machine that they buy after that.
Capacity: The drum capacity is an important deciding point when it comes to buying a new washing machine. This will determine the amount of laundry that you can do in one load, and getting this wrong will have a serious impact on the user experience.
Budget: Very few buyers go into the shopping process saying that they can spend whatever it takes to get the best machine. Every consumer has a different budget, and there are washers that come in a wide range of prices. Of course, if your budget is low, you will need to have reasonable expectations concerning what you are going to get for the price, and you will probably have to make a few compromises, but that does not mean that you have to settle for a machine that does not perform well. You will just need to take the time to find the best machine that you can get for your budget.
Efficiency: The efficiency of a washer will tell you a lot about how much the machine is going to cost you over its operating life. In this, you would consider its energy efficiency and its water usage. As a point, you may see one machine that is a little cheaper to purchase, but if you spend a little more for a machine that is much more efficient, it will save you more money and make up for the additional purchasing cost.
Ease of use: For the most part, washers have gotten much easier to use than they were in the past, but there can still be a significant difference from one model to the next. In ease of use, you are looking at things like how easy the machine is to load and the layout and design of the controls. The whole point of using a washer is to make your life easier, so the more effective it is at that job, the better.
Brand: For some buyers, it is all about the brand. If they really liked the appliances that they have bought from a specific manufacturer in the past, then they want to stick with what they know they will like. Even if the machine offers a slightly lower value for the money, the buyer just prefers a specific brand because of their past experience or because the brand’s name speaks to certain qualities.

How Reviews can be Helpful

Any of the above points might be important for your purchasing decision. You may assign a higher value on some than you do others, but it is a good idea to get some answers about the purchasing factors that matter to you.
For some buyers, a problem might arise when they go to look for this information. They might have a hard time getting some of the information that they need, or they might just find that it is taking a lot of time and as a result, they give up on their research.
This is one of the ways that reviews can help. With a good review, most or all of this information will be organized in one place. Instead of having to go to different websites and search through a variety of listings, you can get all of the information that you need in a fraction of the time.
With our washing machine reviews, you not only get a comprehensive breakdown of many of the factors that will play a role in the purchasing decision, but we also include convenient price listings right there on the page. These listings are updated daily and they include many of the top retailers. You can learn about the appliance and compare prices all on one page.

What about user reviews?

If you know what to look for, user reviews can be a surprisingly good resource for learning about an appliance that you are considering. It can provide a window into the experiences that real people have had with the machine, and it can help to paint an overall picture of quality.
If a machine has a lot of reviews, you can get a good broad view of whether it is more likely to provide a good experience, you can learn if there are any common issues with the machine and users will often talk about features that they like and how well the machine has performed for them.
All of this being said, there are ways that user reviews can be unreliable. The first thing to understand is that an unsatisfied buyer is much more likely to leave a review than a person that is happy with the appliance. This can skew the results, and it often leads to good products getting ratings that are lower than they deserve. As another point, you have reviewers that might have had a bad experience, but it is unlikely to be a reflection of what the average buyer can expect. A person that gets an appliance with a faulty part or a dent is probably going to leave a bad review, but it is safe to assume that this reviewer was in the unfortunate minority.
The usefulness of user reviews can make it more tempting to buy models that have a lot of positive feedback. You see that a large number of people have had a good experience, and it helps to assure you that it is a good decision. However, this does not mean that you should shy away from products that only have a few reviews. When a new washer first hits the stores, you won’t be able to find a lot of reviews for it. Furthermore, the newer models are likely to have the latest features and technologies, and the machine may even improve upon some of the issues that existed with the models from the previous year.
When we review an appliance, we try to incorporate the information from user reviews. In doing this, we collect reviews and ratings from a number of different sources, and we try to separate the unreliable reviews from the ones that provide a more accurate representation of what the buyer can expect. Additionally, if we notice a common theme (whether it is an issue that a lot of users have had or something that a lot of people liked), we will usually make sure to include this information in the review.

What to look for on retailer and manufacturer webpages?

In addition to looking at our washing machine reviews, you can find a lot of information on the pages of retailers and manufacturers. With this additional source of information, it can make the purchasing process even easier.

Basic info: Look for information about whether the machine is integrated or freestanding, the drum size, the actual dimensions of the machine and the number of programs.
Program selection: You should be able to find a listing of the program options that are available with the machine. If there is a specific program that you like, then you will want to keep your eye out for it.
Features: A good retailer or manufacturer webpage will have information about the different features that come with the machine. It may even provide some information about any special features that are unique to the washer.
Controls: With the controls being important for ease of use, you should also look to see the type of control setup that a washer comes with. Some buyers prefer the turn dial controls and others might want electronic or pushbutton controls. Also, look to see if the machine has a display and the type of information that it shows on the display.
Spin speed: Most commonly, washers will have a maximum spin speed that ranges from 1200 to 1600 rpm. In addition to this, you will also want to look to see if the spin speed is adjustable.
Water remaining after spin: Many buyers make the mistake of thinking that a faster spin always means a more effective spin cycle. While a faster spin can indicate that it will perform better, this is not always the case. Look for the figure that indicates the amount of water left after the spin cycle.
Efficiency: Most pages will have good efficiency information. In addition to the energy rating, you can probably find information that indicates the estimated energy usage per year, the estimated annual cost of energy consumption and the amount of water that a given machine is expected to use in a year. In some cases, you might even be able to find figures for energy and water consumption per cycle.
Noise: In some homes, the noise of the washer will be a big deal. Fortunately, this is information that is easy to find. For most machines, you should be able to find information about the noise level during both the wash and the spin cycle.
Installation: With most machines, the installation is a fairly standardized process, but there are some models that may have special installation requirements. As an additional point, you might want to look to see if the retailer offers installation services. Many of the retailer sites will offer installation and disposal of the old machine for an additional cost.
Warranty: You should always check to see the type of warranty that you are getting with any large appliance. Having a good warranty offers peace of mind, and if a washer comes with a warranty that is considerably longer than the competing machines, it shows that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the appliance.
User reviews: Most retailer and manufacturer sites will have reviews from past buyers. They can be helpful and they can even indicate the experience that people have had with buying through the specific site. The one thing to consider is that the reviews from one site are only going to be a fraction of the overall review picture, so there is a chance that you will be getting incomplete information by only looking at the reviews on the one site.

What about exclusive models?

In shopping for a washing machine, you might come across models that are marketed as exclusive to the specific retailer. These machines can be good. The retailer will generally only accept a model as an exclusive if it is a quality appliance. However, this is a bit of a marketing technique, and many of these machines are not quite as exclusive as you may think.
In some cases, the manufacturer may design a machine that they are going to put on top retailer sites as an exclusive model. However, you may find that the same exclusive model exists on different sites, but it just has a different name depending on the retailer.
As an example, the brand might have the ABC exclusive model over at one retailer’s site, and then they will have the XYZ exclusive model at another retailer website. In many cases, these two models will be exactly the same for all practical purposes, but they just have different names.
This marketing strategy is employed because the endorsement from the retailer site can help the model to sell, and the word “exclusive” tends to have an effect on some buyers. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with these machine, but it is something that buyers should be aware of, and it is a bit of a pain because it can make price comparing these models more difficult than it needs to be.

Comparing Prices

A smart buyer will compare prices to make sure that they are buying the machine for the lowest price possible. In general, the price from one retailer to the next will be close, but you might be able to save a few pounds if you are willing to take the time. As an additional point, all of the prices might be close, but there could be one retailer that is running a sale. If you find the sale price, then you could be in for an even bigger discount.
Another thing to consider is that you may have the field of potential washing machines narrowed down to a few models. Comparing the prices between the different models on your list could be the key deciding factor.
In comparing prices, going from site to site can be a time consuming process. To save time, you could read our review pages and get a list of prices from many of the top retailers. We update these prices every day, so it can be a good way to ensure that you are finding the lowest and most current prices available.


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