Washer Dryer Reviews

The technology for washing and drying clothes has come a long way. You now have a number of high tech features and programs, and the machines are more efficient than they have ever been in the past. One of the big developments for some buyers has been the release of machines that can wash and dry laundry all in the same drum.
In the past, people that only had room to fit one machine had to do without a dryer. Now that you have the option of getting a combination machine, you can get the convenience of both functions in the same amount of space. These machines can perform well for both jobs, and you can even find washer dryers that will have the same types of features and programs that you would get by having two separate machines.
While these machines can be great because they make life more convenient, it can be difficult to shop for one. In some ways, it is like buying separate models. You still have to consider many of the same points for the two different functions that you would have to consider when buying separate appliances to do the two tasks. This can make for a lot to consider and a lot to look for on this one purchase.
If you want to find a machine that will perform well for your needs and fit within your budget, it will take some time. You will need to figure out exactly what you are looking for from both functions, do some research on different washer dryers and compare the machines. Many buyers just do not feel like putting this kind of time and effort into the shopping process.
We understand that it can be tedious, time consuming and frustrating to do all of this work. That is why we have developed a website to help you with the process. On our washer dryer review pages, you can find a thorough breakdown of the different machines and information that can help to form your purchasing decision.
Beyond that, we have developed a number of resource pages that can help the modern shopper. We have a washer dryer buying guide that can explain many of the points that go into looking for a washer dryer. The buying guide is a great way to learn about the machines and the different factors that can help a person to select the right appliance for their home.
For buyers that are just looking to get a good machine that fits their budget, we also have our best buys page. With the washer dryer best buys, you have a selection of machines that offer a good value and they are separated to fit the budgets of different shoppers.
With our website, you can inform yourself with the different resource pages, get full reviews that cover some of the best machines available and we even have comparison pricing from the top online retailers that sell these machines.

What do people look for in a washer dryer?

Beyond the simple consideration of having the ability to both wash and dry laundry, most buyers will have some idea of what they are looking for in a washer dryer. Different people may put a higher value on different things, and there are several factors that may play a role. The following are a few points that shoppers may look for in their search for the right washer dryer.

Performance: Any machine that you buy in this category is going to come with the ability to wash and dry your laundry. But how well does it perform at these separate functions? In this, you are going to consider the quality of the washing, its drying abilities, the amount of time that it takes to do both jobs and how well it performs in regard to any special features or programs that it may have.
Build Quality: The build quality should be high on any shopper’s list of priorities. A machine that is well made will last longer and it will provide performance that is more reliable. It is often a better value to spend more money on a machine that will provide a longer operating life than it would be to save a little money on the purchasing cost.
Integrated or Freestanding: The choice of integrated or freestanding will come down to the design of the room that you do your laundry in. You can find different advantages with going with either option. If you want to learn more about this choice, visit our page on integrated appliances.
Features and Programs: Whether it is the features and programs for washing or for drying, this is something that needs to be considered. Some buyers have specific programs or features that they absolutely must have, and then there are others that just want a basic machine that performs well. With a washer dryer, you do need to look into the features and programs that work with each function.
Capacity: The capacity of the machine will determine the amount of washing and drying that you can do at one time. An important point to remember is that with a washer dryer, you are always going to have a higher capacity for washing than you will for drying. This will vary from one machine to the next, but the closer the washing and drying capacity are, the better.
Budget: Of course, you do need to consider what you can get for your budget. A washer dryer is usually going to cost more than the individual washers and dryers. However, the price of the combination machine will usually work out to be less than the combined cost of a washer and dryer.
Efficiency: If you want to save money on your utilities, then efficiency should be a point that gets your attention. You can find washer dryers that do deliver a good level of efficiency, but they do tend to be less efficient than doing washing and drying in separate machines.
Ease of use: When it comes to ease of use, there are number of things to look for. The design of the controls might be a factor. You also want to look for the size of the porthole and see how wide the door opens. With some washer dryers, they even have programs where you can set the washing and drying all at once. That way you do not have to go back and start the drying function once the laundry is done washing.
Brand: As a final point, some buyers put a lot of value on the brand name. Some brands are known for their innovative features or the quality and durability of the machines that they make. For this reason, some buyers will only buy appliances that come from certain brands.

How Reviews Can Help

If you are a smart shopper and you go out of your way to learn about an appliance before you buy it, that is a good thing. That said, it might be difficult to find the relevant information that you need. With this difficulty, many consumers will just give up and buy a machine that looks good, or they might not even really do any research at all.
This is where a good washer dryer review can come in handy. When you have access to good review pages, you can find information about the quality of the machine, its performance, the different features and programs and a range of other pieces of information that can be useful.
When it is all on the one page, it means that you do not have to go searching for the information, so it can save you time. In short, reading our reviews will help to make you an informed shopper, without taking up all of the time that it would normally take to do this research.
Beyond providing the reader with a good source of information about the machine that is being reviewed on the page, we also provide price listings for the different machines that we review. When you have found the machine that you like, you can then look at the price listing and see which retailer is currently selling if for the lowest price.

Can user reviews help?

If you research any product online, you are likely to come across reviews from people that have purchased and used the product in question. These reviews can be helpful. They will contain the real world experience of real people that have actually used the machine, and this can provide a shopper with useful insights.
In reading user reviews, you can get information about what it is actually like to use the machine. Reviewers will talk about the features that they like and they might note some things that could be better. If you have a lot of reviews for a particular washer dryer model, you can go through a number of them and get a pretty good idea of what to expect.
While the user reviews can be helpful in some ways, you do need to consider these reviews carefully. The first thing to understand is that unsatisfied buyers are much more likely to take the time to leave a review, and this can skew things a little toward the negative. Furthermore, many reviews will not be an accurate reflection of what the average buyer can expect. As an example, the person might be unsatisfied with the delivery service from the retailer or they might be one of the few to get an item that happened to suffer damage after it left the factory. These could be good reasons to leave bad reviews, but they are unlikely to represent the experience that most buyers will encounter.
In general, user reviews can be helpful, and when there are more reviews, you can usually find a much more accurate picture of what to expect. This could be a good argument for looking for models that have a lot of reviews, but it should be realized that a product that has a lack of reviews can still be good. The newest models will not have a lot of reviews, but they generally have the newest features and they may even have improvements over the machines that were released the year before.
Things to look for on the pages of manufacturers and retailers
In addition to learning about the machines by reading reviews, you can also find useful information on the pages of retailers and manufacturers. When you are comparing a few washer dryers, it can help to pull these pages up and look at some competing information.

Basic Information: Look for information like the dimensions of the machine, the number of programs that it has for each function and whether it is integrated or freestanding.
Capacity: These pages should tell the shopper the drum capacity for both washing and drying.
Programs: Find the list of programs for washing and for drying. Additionally, look to see if it has options to set both programs at once.
Features: Check the washing and drying features. If there are any special features that you like for either function, then you will want to make sure that they are listed.
Reverse Action Drum: While this feature is less common on washer dryer units than it is on tumble dryers, some machines do have it. If you like the fabric care that comes with a reverse action drum, look for it on the page.
Spin Speed: Find the listing for the maximum spin speed. The spin speed can indicate the efficiency of the spin. You can also look to see if the machine provides user control over the spin speed.
Water left after spin: While the spin speed can indicate the effectiveness of the spin cycle, the measure for water left after the spin is a more reliable indicator. Many pages will have information to tell the reader the amount of water that is left after the spin cycle.
Controls: Look to see the control design and layout. This can impact the machine’s ease of use, so it is something that can be helpful to consider.
Efficiency: On manufacturer and retailer pages, you should be able to find efficiency information. If you are just concerned with the energy rating, it will be listed on the page. However, you could also look for the estimated energy consumption per year and the estimated water usage.
Noise: If a loud machine will be disruptive in your home, you can also look for information concerning the operating noise of the washer dryer. Look for noise listings for the wash cycle, the spin cycle and for drying.
Installation: Some machines may have special installation requirements. To ensure that you know what you are getting into, it will help to look for any installation requirements that may come with the machine.
Warranty: The warranty is important because it lets you know that the machine is at least covered for a certain amount of time. Even when you get a washer dryer from a top manufacturer, there is the possibility of a defect. A good warranty will protect you against this possibility.
User reviews: The user reviews on pages for retailers and manufacturers can be helpful. In addition to providing information about the specific model, you might also be able to find information about the experience with buying from the retailer.

Comparing Prices

After doing some research, you might have found one specific machine, or a short list with a few models that you like. Once you reach this point, it’s a good idea to compare prices. In general, you are going to find that the prices do not vary significantly from one retailer to the next, but there are cases where the savings can be significant. In addition to that, there is always the possibility that one retailer happens to be running a sale for a particular model. To ensure that you are getting the best deal that is out there, it is a good idea to do some price comparisons.
This is another area where our reviews can help. On each review page, we list the current prices from many of the top retailers. Instead of searching the price at all of the different retailer websites, you can just get a list of up-to-date price comparisons on one page. We update the price listings every day, so you can rest assured that you are getting a list of accurate, current pricing from some of the top online retailers.


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