Eco Wash

Quite a few machines these days feature an ‘Eco’ wash setting. The idea behind this is that using this mode will be kinder to the environment by (most likely) washing at a lower temperature. It may also be set to use less water but this isn’t always the case. Click this link for a more in-depth explanation.

The bottom line would appear to be that these settings do tend to work ie use less energy and thereby lower your carbon footprint however, the Eco washes do tend to take a reaaaaally long time. In the region of 3-4 hours not being uncommon. This could be absolutely fine if, for example, you plan to put your washing on overnight, but for a busy Mum in a hurry this is likely to prove a bridge too far.

If you can use it occasionally great, why not, but we tend to think the technology has a way to go yet before these kind of options will see any kind of mainstream adoption. Having said that there are clever machines like the Ecobubble range from Samsung that offer energy savings on much shorter programmes but the machines do tend to be a bit pricey.

A feature to look out for nonetheless.

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