SMEG Washing Machine Guide

picture of the smeg logo

Founded in 1948, the Italian appliance manufacturer SMEG is still a privately owned business and they do have some popular product lines. They are probably best known for the distinctive look of some of their products and this factor has helped to give this brand a certain identity that has made them popular with some consumers.


SMEG Washing Machine Options

SMEG washing machines do come in different varieties and there is a good range of options to choose from. That being said, there are a lot of ways that other manufacturers do offer a much wider range of washing machine options.

  • Capacity: Most of the washing machines from SMEG come in the 7kg capacity size, but there are some models in the 8 and 9kg sizes and one model that can hold up to 11kg in one load.
  • Integrated/Freestanding: SMEG makes washers that are both integrated and freestanding.
  • Spin Speed: Most of the washers from the SMEG brand come with a 1400 rpm maximum spin speed and variable spin options.
  • Finish: This is one of the areas where SMEG does offer more than most of their competitors. You can find SMEG washers that come in an assortment of different colors and they offer different product lines that have stylish body designs.

Washing Machine Features

When it comes to washing features, the SMEG brand does not have a wide selection of brand specific features. Any feature that you would find on a SMEG washing machine could probably be found with another brand. However, most of their machines will come with a wide selection of features and programs. Features like digital displays, speed up feature, wrinkle protection and delay timer are all common with SMEG. You can also expect a nice selection cycles including quick wash, delicate, sports wash, night and intensive.

SMEG Washing Machine Efficiency

SMEG washing machines offer respectable efficiency, but this is another area where they fall behind much of the competition. Of their current selection, most models fit in the A+ energy rating category, with many others being an A. If you are looking for good selection of machines that perform well enough to get A++ or A+++ ratings, then SMEG is not the brand for you.

Picture of the Smeg WMF147X 7Kg Washing MachineBuild Quality

With SMEG washing machines, you get a build quality that is somewhere in the middle of the pack. You definitely have a few brands that outperform SMEG in quality engineering and reliability. In addition to that, they do not have the best warranty coverage and there have been some consumer complaints about the after sales servicing. You could do worse for reliability, but when you consider the price range of many of their washers, you would expect better.


SMEG appliances fit in the high-end price range. Their least expensive machines usually start for around £400, but many of their washers will cost £500 or more. If you want one of their signature retro style washing machines, then you are looking at spending between £700-800. One category where they do offer a fairly solid value for the price is in their integrated washing machines.

Who buys SMEG washers?

Most of the washing machines from SMEG do provide good wash performance and consumers generally do like the way that these machines look. However, for the price, you could usually buy a machine that is more reliable and one that comes with more features and options. Additionally, you could probably find a washer that offers comparable performance and build quality for significantly less. The one thing that really sets SMEG washing machines apart is the fact that they offer models that come in more colors and with looks that are more stylish. These appliances probably sell best among consumers that are more concerned with appliances that look cool instead of favoring things like reliability, efficiency and affordability.