Samsung WD90J6410AW Washer Dryer Review

Samsung WD90J6410AW Washer Dryer
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  • Samsung WD90J6410AW Washer Dryer
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  • Last modified: October 19, 2017
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Review Summary:

As with any washer dryer, you do have to make some compromises, but the Samsung WD90J6410AW delivers good performance from a reliable appliance. It offers a great range of options for washing laundry, and it offers special features for sanitising and stain removal. If you have it in your budget, the build quality and reliable performance help to make this washer dryer a good value.

The Samsung WD90J6410AW is a great washer dryer for buyers that want to have a wide range of options. This machine provides excellent results for washing laundry, and it comes with a variety of nice features that add to the convenience. It also performs reasonably well for efficiency, using an estimated 1,224 kilowatt hours of electricity to wash and dry clothes.

This Samsung washer dryer has a 9kg washing capacity, so it can be ideal for larger families, and the 6kg drying capacity is nice because it means that you do not have to remove a lot of laundry for the drying cycle. It has the Samsung diamond drum to provide good fabric care, and it comes with a range of features and functions that help to make this a versatile machine.

The washing capabilities of this machine will stand up to many of the best standalone washers. It has the ecobubble technology for activating the detergent, it has the speed spray feature and it has the option of a bubble soak for stain removal. Among the nine washing programmes, you have cottons, synthetics, baby, wool, outdoor wear, super speed, super eco wash and a 15-minute quick wash. You can also add things like the bubble soak, additional rinses, a pre-wash and an intensive wash feature.

The drying capabilities of the WD90J6410AW are pretty good, but not quite as good as having a standalone dryer. It just takes a while for clothes to dry, and there will be times when you have to restart the dryer to finish the job. It has drying options for cottons and synthetics, plus you can select the amount of drying time that is needed and the dryness level that you want. It also has Samsung’s Air Wash feature. With these settings, you can sanitise or deodorise laundry using just hot air.

Most buyers will be more than satisfied with the overall performance of this washer dryer, but it can be a little complicated for first-time users. It has a lot of options, and it can take a while to get used to adding different features and options. However, it is fairly simple once you get used to it. It has an electronic dial for selecting your programmes, then you have some buttons for making adjustments and adding features.

The build quality of this machine is excellent, and that is one of the things that help to make this washer dryer great value. It has a special tub wash programme that helps to make this model easy to maintain, and with the Smart Check feature, you can diagnose faults using your Smartphone. It also comes with a 5-year warranty for parts and labour, and it has 10-year coverage for the motor.


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• 9kg washing capacity
• 6kg drying capacity
• 1400 rpm maximum spin speed
• Sensor and timed drying
• Samsung’s ecobubble technology
• Bubble soak feature
• 15-minute quick wash
• Super speed cycle washes clothes in less than an hour
• Special programme for baby clothes
• Add up to five rinses to programmes
• Pre-wash feature
• Intensive wash option
• Adjustable dryness levels
• Air Wash feature for sanitising and deodorising
• Adjustable spin speed and temperature
• Delay start timer
• Display with countdown timer
• A energy rating
• 10-year warranty on the motor
• 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• Expensive
• Drying performance could be better
• It’s a little complicated on the first use

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0 thoughts on “Samsung WD90J6410AW Washer Dryer Review

  1. I have had my machine for around 11 months, I do a lot of laundry in my house, I dont like to have laundry hanging around so generally do 2 loads a day, most of my loads are around 40-50% of the drum capacity. This machine only likes full loads to wash, anything under 70% full and it wont spin it, so the washing comes out dripping, you have to run a separate spin cycle at least 1s or wash again in a bigger load. Unless you are drying a pair of socks you have to put the machine on the drying cycle at least twice to get a half load dry. Compared to my last 2 washer dryers by other brands it takes at least double the amount of time to get a load washed and dried in this machine. I generally buy a new machine every 3-4 years, I give up with this machine and i’m off to buy a new 1. I’m a working mum and dont have time to sit by the machines side!!

  2. As soon as I arrived and started it, it turned out that it was broken. Graciously after 18 days Samsung exchanged them. The next worked for 8 months. Now the battle is over one month with a complaint. The service was already 3 times, the washer dryer still does not work, and Samsung claims that it is not time for replacement and I have to wait for the fourth time for the service. If you want to have a washed head, ragged nerves and expand your horizons, learn to do laundry in the laundry, I recommend it. If you want a good, tested product then avoid it from a distance.


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