Samsung DV90H8000HW Review

Samsung DV90H8000HW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
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Review Summary:

With its advanced features and quality design, the DV90H8000HW from Samsung is one of the top tumble dryers currently available. A nice range of settings and options make this machine very effective and easy to use while also being good to the items that you dry in it. The high price of this model is going to make many consumers think twice, but if the budget is not an issue, then this can be a great machine for any home.

The Samsung DV90H8000HW tumble dryer uses advanced technology to provide consumers with a dryer that is both efficient and effective. You get a range of different drying programs to get the best results for different types of items and the machine uses sensors to optimize the performance. Along with that, this model consumes and estimated 258 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, making it a very efficient appliance.

With a 9kg load capacity, this is a machine that has enough room for drying a good amount of laundry. It is a well-designed tumble dryer and it uses heat-pump technology to deliver good efficiency. This model also uses sensors to monitor the wetness of the clothes that are being dried and it adjusts the operation of the machine to ensure perfect drying. That means that your clothes do not get over-dried and it does not waste electricity by continuing to run when the load is already dry.

For the options, this machine has a lot to offer. The user gets fourteen preset drying cycles that are designed to treat the different types of items that you may put in the dryer. Among these settings, you can choose from standard cotton drying, a sportswear setting, a less wrinkle setting, a special program for wool and more.

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This machine scores well when it comes to the ease of use. It has an easy to understand control panel with a dial for the drying programs and a detailed LED display. You also have a series of buttons that can be used to operate the special features on this machine. It comes with indicators to let the user know when to empty the water tank and for when the filter needs to be cleaned and it has a Smart Check feature that will help the user troubleshoot problems.

The DV90H8000HW is a good dryer that is made to last. It is made from quality materials and it provides reliable operation. The user will have to perform the regular maintenance, like cleaning the filter, to ensure a long operating life, but it should provide years of use with a minimal level of care. Additionally, the Smart Check feature will help the user to diagnose and address many of common problems that could impact the operation of the machine. Samsung also supports this model with a 2-year warranty.


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• Efficient heat pump dryer
• 9kg weigh capacity
• 14 preset drying cycles
• Cool down tumble at the end of cycle
• Wrinkle protection feature
• LED display on the control panel
• Water full indicator
• Filter clean indicator
• Delay timer
• Interior light
• Sensor drying system
• Smart Check feature with Smartphone app


• The price

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0 thoughts on “Samsung DV90H8000HW Review

  1. DV90H8000. Crap on every level and expensive crap at that. Terrible at drying. Develops mechanical faults left right and centre. Impossible to clean the internal filter fully, so it just blocks up over time. Just don’t buy this machine.

  2. I got my first Samsung DV90H8000 condenser dryers about 18 months ago and they are about to replace it with my 3rd machine. I’ve asked for a refund instead. Issues from the start. As well as the mechanical faults, and resulting noises, it leaves the load damp, no matter what setting, how big the load or how many times I out it through. Even if you clean out the lint filter (down the bottom inside the machine) regularly, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to clean out fully and now my newest machine (only about 6 months old) constantly indicates it needs cleaning. I can see lint still trapped between the ‘gills’ of the filter’, but no amount of vacuuming or soft brushing will get it out. Hopeless. I literally hate this machine now and it would put me off buying from Samsung again.


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