Miele WDA111 Washing Machine (Discontinued)

Sorry, the Miele WDA111 has been discontinued

Pictureof the eu energy label for this modelWith this model, Miele has made a 7kg washing machine that performs well in almost every regard. The machine comes with a great range of features for convenience and versatility, and it is designed to offer users first-rate efficiency. With an estimated annual 171 kilowatt hours of energy consumption, this model gets an A+++ energy rating (see right). This translates into a (very reasonable) annual running cost of about £26.32 based on a guesstimate of 220 washes per year which should be pretty accurate for most people.

This machine has a 7kg capacity which means it should suit a couple or small family. It loads up easily with the wide porthole and the door offers a good amount of swing for easy access. In addition to this, you get auto load-size detection, so you can wash full loads and half loads without having to make the selection on your own.

For washing programs, the Miele WDA111 comes equipped with a nice array of options. You get 10 wash cycles to choose from and many of them have variable temperature options that the user can select. The program options include cottons, automatic plus, express wash, delicates, shirts, minimum iron, woollens, dark garments/denim and drain/spin.

The cleaning performance that this washer provides is among the best that you are going to find. With its range of programs, and the design of the machine, you get results that are far better than many of the competing machines and it works well for everything, from light soiling to clothes that are heavily stained.


logo for the miele 5 year guaranteeBeyond the selection of cycles, you also have a variety of different features that can be added to the program or adjusted depending on your needs. With the WDA111, you have a speed up feature to reduce wash times, you can add a prewash for heavily soiled items, there is an added soak feature and you have the Water Plus option. Additionally, you can select different spin speeds and many of the cycles have temperature options.

For the most part, this washing machine is very easy to use. You have a turn dial for selecting the program that you need and then there are buttons for turning on the extra features and for making adjustments to the spin speed. You also have a display screen for showing the estimated duration of the cycle that is selected and there are indicators that show the progress of the cycle and different fault indicators.

If you want a machine that is durable and reliable, then you’re not going to be able to do much better than this one. It is designed and tested to provide a long operating life and comes with a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The washing machines from Miele are known for their reliability and long operating life, and this one has been tested for the equivalent of 20 years of use.




And finally, the pros and cons of this model are…

Miele W Classic WDA111 7Kg 1400rpm Washing Machine
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  • Miele W Classic WDA111 7Kg 1400rpm Washing Machine
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  • Last modified: July 4, 2017
  • Build Quality
    Editor: 97%
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    Editor: 94%
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    Editor: 93%
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    Editor: 95%
  • Running Cost
    Editor: 95%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 89%

Review Summary:

The Miele W Classic WDA111 7kg washing machine offers a great value for the buyers that can afford it. It delivers excellent washing performance and has a nice variety of features and controls. The price is a little high, but this machine outperforms most of the competition and will most likely outlast pretty much any model that you put it up against. It may cost more upfront, but the economical operation and long life will make this a better value than most of the cheaper machines. If you're looking for serious quality, look no further.


• 7kg washing capacity
• 10 washing programs
• Automatic sensor wash
• Load size detection
• 20 minute express wash
• Speed up setting for faster washing times
• Variable spin control with maximum speed of 1400 rpm
• Countdown timer
• Honeycomb drum
• Freestanding washer with option of built-under installation
• Stackable or side-by-side
• Water control system to prevent water damage
• 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• The only thing to make you think twice on this one is the price

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