LG Washing Machine Guide

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LG is a South Korean multinational that operates in several industries. Among consumers, they are best known for their electronics division and products like TVs, mobile phones and home theater systems. However, they do manufacture home appliances like washers, refrigerators and air conditioners. Their appliances do not take a major part of the UK market share, but they do have a reputation that is generally favorable.

LG Washing Machine Reliability

The range of washing machines from LG offer a pretty good level of reliability. They are not at the very top with brands like Bosch and Miele, but they are maybe just a grade below. LG washers perform reliably and they offer a better than average operating life. The one issue with these brands when it comes to operating life and reliability is on the repair end. Most of the parts are reasonably priced, but they are often hard to find. The user will probably get a good amount time out of the washer, but extending the life by getting repair service may not be a practical option.

LG Washing Machine Sizes

For size options, consumers do get a nice selection when they shop with LG. They have an expansive range of machines that come in the 8kg capacity size and the entire range runs from 6kg at the smallest to 12kg as the largest models. If you are looking for a washing machine with an extra large capacity, LG has a fairly wide selection of models that can handle 10kg or better.

Basic Washing Machine Options

For the basic options that will help a consumer find the washing machine that is right for their home, LG does well in some areas and the selection is limited in others. The first thing to point out is that LG only makes freestanding washers at this time, so if you need an integrated machine, then you are going to want to look elsewhere.

For finish options, LG is a brand that does fairly well. Not only do they offer a wide selection of machines that come with the classic white finish, but they also have a relatively good selection of silver washing machines and models that come in black.

For spin speed, consumers can choose between models that offer maximum spin settings ranging from 1200 to 1600 rpm. Additionally, variable spin is a feature on just about every model on the current LG range.

Features of LG Washers

LG is a brand that offers a nice range of features with its washers. You can find common washing machine features like digital display, quick wash, half load and delay timer with this brand and they also have their own brand specific technologies. While it is not a brand specific feature, the direct drive motor is a design that has become associated with LG machines. Along with that, this is one of the brands that is starting to make serious efforts to develop Smart technology for their washers.

TurboWash: Machines with the TurboWash feature use a jet spray to improve the cleaning results while also reduce the time for the different cycles to run.

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TrueSteam: The TrueSteam feature is designed to offer washing that is gentle and hygienic.

6 Motion: This means that the machine can use six different drum motions for cleaning the laundry. It employs different motions depending on the cycle and the features that have been selected and the claim is that it improves cleaning while also protecting fabric.

Smart Diagnose: With Smart Diagnose, you can use a Smartphone app to detect faults and get troubleshooting tips for the washer.

Are LG Washers Efficient?

The range of washers from LG do well in regard to efficiency. Almost all of their washing machines get an A+++ rating for energy efficiency. If you are looking for a washing machine that delivers good efficiency, then LG is a brand where just about every machine is going to perform well.

The Cost of LG Washing Machines

The range of washing machines from LG fit within the mid to high price ranges depending on the model that you choose. If you start out looking at their 7kg range, you can probably find models starting at around £350. For the 8kg machines, consumers could spend as little as £400. If you are looking for a washing machine that is 10kg or larger, you should expect to spend at least £700. Some of their largest 12kg models can be found for less than £800, which is a reasonable deal when you consider the size and the quality.