LG F14A8TDA6 Washing Machine (Discontinued)

Sorry, the LG F14A8TDA6 is no longer available from the manufacturer

The LG direct drive has an A+++ energy rating the best you can get. It will cost you approximately approximately £24 a year to run. A special feature of this machine is the 6 motion technology, this means there are 6 different motions the drum will take as follows; tumble, whereby clothes are lifted around the machine in a circular motion; filtration ensuring the clothes are thoroughly and evenly soaked for a better clean; scrubbing, dissolving ad frothing up the soap powder to facilitate a better clean; rolling motion whereby the clothes are completely submerged and washed very gently in a rolling motion, (this cycle is used in the silent option programme); and finally stepping, whereby clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and dropped, this prevents creasing

The LG direct drive has a brushless motor and magnetic bearings which reduce wear and tear on the motor. As such the motor is guaranteed for 10 years, so you can hope for good long life from this machine. The type of motor means belt breakage and less vibration making for a very quiet machine. The machine washes at 53 db and 73 db approximately, and has a silent run mode so it will not bother you while you are watching TV or helping the kids with their homework.

The LG direct drive has 14 programmes to choose from including cotton, synthetic, dark , jeans, sports wash and a baby wash. it has a soft drum so is extra gentle on your clothes keeping them in good condition. It spins to a maximum of 1400 rpm and has variable spin speed as well as variable temperature. It will leave your clothes easier to dry. It is A rated for both spin and wash performance. the control panel is as simple dial and button arrangement with LED so is relatively simple to programme.

Other than all of this the LG direct drive is great to look at. It has a giant 35cm porthole which dominates the front of the machine. The door opens all the way out avoiding ny accident to the door with an armfull. In swish black and chrome it would grace any kitchen. It has a large 8 kg drum which will fit a double duvet and is perfect for a family of 4 to 5 persons. This machine is quality built as you would expect and built to last. You will not be disappointed with your purchase with automatic half load, the 6 motion technology, soft drum and super large porthole you should take this home.

LG F14A8TDA6 Freestanding Washing Machine
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  • LG F14A8TDA6 Freestanding Washing Machine
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  • Last modified: February 26, 2016
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    Editor: 94%

Review Summary:

As with all LG washing machines this one has many innovative features, such as a unique washing system. It only costs about £24 a year to run, and has an A+++ energy rating. In addition the machine has 14 different programs, and a simple LED display to choose what you want. You'll not regret buying this excellent machine.


The highest energy rating at A+++, making it very cheap to run (c. £24 a year)
Very large 35 cm porthole
The extra large 8kg drum is perfect for a large family
LG guarantees the motor for 10 years, so you know it's built to last


It is not as quiet as other machines.

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