Indesit Washing Machine Guide

picture of the indesit logoThe Indesit Company is based in Italy and they are one of the major manufacturers of appliances in the region. They have a reputation for making washing machines that are affordable and versatile and they take up a significant part of the market share in the UK.

Indesit Washing Machine Options

Consumers do have a nice selection of options when they shop for an Indesit washing machine. For capacity, they offer machines that come in the 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9kg ranges. For colors, you can pick between washing machines that are black, models that are white and they have a few models that come in grey. Being a lower cost option, most of their machines do come in the freestanding variety, but there are a few integrated models from this brand.

For people that are looking for a machine in the 7kg size or lower, this is a brand that offers a good selection. They do have a wide range of machines in the 8kg and 9kg size, but Indesit does seem to offer one of the wider selections for people that are looking for small washing machines.

Indesit Washing Machine Features

For a brand that is low priced, Indesit does still offer a nice selection of features and programs with their washers. Many of their models come with features like a digital display screen, delay timer and a reduced load function. Additionally, some of their machines will offer special programs like allergy, sports wash, a program for sport shoes and a wools setting.


Most of the washing machines from Indesit do offer decent efficiency. Almost all of their machines score at least A+ or better and they even have a few models that deliver efficiency in the A+++ category. That being said, most of their machine fit in the A+ or A++ rating category with only a couple being good enough to get the A+++ rating. If getting the highest level of energy efficiency is important, then Indesit does not have a great selection to choose from.

picture of an indesit innex washing machineReliability

The Indesit brand is somewhat average in regard to the reliability of their dishwashers. The machines do last and they perform well, but you are probably going to find more reliable operation with some of the more expensive brands. However, the parts are not hard to find and getting them serviced tends to be inexpensive. An additional consideration is that Indesit does back most of their washing machines with a 1-year warranty and many of them also have a 10-year guarantee on the parts.

What do Indesit Washing Machines Cost?

As mentioned above, most of the washing machines from Indesit do come at a low price. You should easily be able to find models in their 7 and 8kg ranges priced for £250 or less and the 9kg models start at around £300. If you are looking at their selection of smaller machines in the 5 and 6kg ranges, the models price for around £200.

Which consumers would buy an Indesit?

If you are looking for a low priced washer that still offers a nice selection of features, then Indesit can be a good place to start your search. Of course, you will have to balance the low price with the fact that many come in the A+ range and while that is decent efficiency, there are machines that perform much better in this regard. Along with this, you want to consider the fact that their offerings for built-in models are very limited. If you want an integrated machine, then Indesit is not going to provide you with a wide selection.