Indesit IWDE7145K Washer Dryer (Discontinued)

Sorry, the Indesit IWDE7145K has been discontinued by the manufacturer

The Indesit IWDE7145K offers a large 7kg wash load and a 5 kg drying load. The spin cycle ranges from 1200 RPM up to a maximum speed of 1400 RPM. Spin cycle speeds are controllable as are temperature settings. The unit has 16 programmes for taking care of wool and delicate to heavier items such as sheets and duvets and pillows. The machine has a B energy rating which is reasonable for a washer dryer combo. It uses 266 kWh of energy per 200 loads and has an LED display and control panel which shows how long the cycle has to go. The unit has foam control and moisture control. The dimensions are height 85.0 x width 65.0 x depth 53.5cm. The machine comes with 1 year warranty, 5 years parts.

This Indesit washer dryer has sports wash cycles for soiled sports gear and training shoes. It takes 153 minutes to complete a 60° cotton wash. The appliance has a spin efficiency class B and a wash efficiency class A. This model, besides having a good range of washing programmes to choose from, has 3 drying programmes too – it can be set for 30 minutes up to a maximum of 140 minutes. The heater will stop when the moisture content has gone due to the inbuilt moisture sensor. The machine can be set to wash and dry separately, which is important as the drying cycle can’t handle the same weight of clothes as the washer. Alternatively it can be set to run straight through the combination mode for lighter loads. One other nice feature of this model is the 24 hour delay facility which allows you to programme when the machine will switch on.

Buyers are generally pleased with the IWD7145K and would recommend it. The high spin of 1400 RPM makes airing on the outside line easier. If the weather is bad you can just use the machine, what could be more convenient? The problem seemed to be that the moisture sensor didn’t work well if the dryer were set to a long period, for example 140 minutes. Customers reported over-heated clothes with creases that were difficult to get out. It would appear the trick is to get the load weights right and not put too much in at once for an extended period of time.


Indesit Advance IWDE7145K Washer Dryer Freestanding Black
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Review Summary:

A tidy washer dryer from Indesit, well worth considering.


Well built
Lots of programs to choose from


Can leave clothes creased if not careful

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