Hotpoint WDF740G Review

Hotpoint Aquarius WDF740G  Washer Dryer Freestanding
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    Editor: 89%
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  • Running Cost
    Editor: 63%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 75%

Review Summary:

This has proved to be a popular machine with buyers and it comes at a fairly reasonable price. There are lots of practical programme options such as the 'ready to wear' one which will wash & dry 1kg of clothes in 1 hour which could come in very handy for those last minute 'Aaaarghh.... Mum - I haven't got any clean clothes to go out in!!!' type emergencies. In our opinion this is well worth a look.

The Hotpoint Aquarius WDF740G comes in graphite and is an attractive addition to any kitchen. The main reason for buying a combination washer dryer is to save space so it helps to have a good-looking unit that won’t look out of place. The unit has a spin speed of 1400 rpm which has the clothes ready for the outside line if you don’t want to also use the full combination cycle. The temperature settings are variable on this model. It has an energy grade of B which is quite reasonable. The dimensions are height 85.0 x width 59.0 x depth 56.5; this makes the dimensions slightly smaller than a standard appliance. This model retails at around £338.

The washing cycles include baby, shirts and blouses, ready to wear, wool and delicates 30°, 60 minute fast, super, mini and slow spin. The dryer features a 180 minute timer and a 2 tier sensor programme. The unit has a child lock and a 24 hour delay start button which can be programmed to switch on the machine when you specify – which can be handy if, for example, you get cheap electricity at night. This model has 16 programmes in all; the dryer has 2 settings one for ‘cupboard’ and one for ‘iron’, the latter of which preserves a little moisture for ease of ironing.

Customers have said that, during the closing stages of a full programme, the casing can get very hot and it is wise to let it cool down before using again. The washing cycle can handle 7 kg but the washer and dryer sequence takes only 5 kg which could be a little tricky to judge. Also, if you have just done a 7 kg load you would have to take some clothes out before you could use the drying function optimally. This does tend to be a common problem for combos though, as the technology for the alternate operations is quite different as you can imagine. Over-drying also seems to be a potential hazard so it’s best to check up on your load if you have it on for 180 minutes, for example.

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Customers said that this Hotpoint washer dryer is very easy to use, the programmes are clearly displayed on the soap dispenser and the dial is also clearly marked. The LED display will count down to the end of the cycle allowing you to see how much time is left. Customers also said it was relatively quiet to run (less than 80 dB) and attractive as well. It’s estimated that, if you always use the washer dryer combined, over the space of a year it would cost approximately £140 to run. It’s a cold fill machine which means only the necessary water is heated cutting down on costs. Another way to keep costs down is to use the pause button to check your ‘cupboard’ cycle while it is in progress and remove the clothes if they are ready and switch off afterwards, which saves a little electricity.


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Easy to use
Lots of programmes
7kg capacity handles a larger than average load
Reasonable price for a combination machine
Helpful LED display to see how long a cycle has left


Some buyers have complained that it's noisy
The casing can become hot
Not that cheap to run but in line with other combos

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One thought on “Hotpoint WDF740G Review

  1. Just arrived today and looks good BUT installation has been problematic be aware the water out pipe is very short and runs up the back right hand side (when viewing from the front). It was insufficient to reach my plumbing under the adjacent sink.

    Hot point very unhelpful, they don’t sell an extension kit, and their only advice was to call a plumber. Well after much searching I found one who could come today. A BIG additional expense, that I had no way of expecting because the info isn’t in the spec.

    So purely on that basis I wouldn’t recommend as I think it’s a serious design flaw and because Hotpoint after sales service couldn’t care less, apparently it’s their standard length.


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