Hotpoint WDAL8640P Washer Dryer Review

Hotpoint WDAL8640P
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  • Hotpoint WDAL8640P
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  • Last modified: March 22, 2016
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Review Summary:

This Hotpoint washer/dryer features 15 programmes (12 for washing, 3 for drying), Super Silent performance, and anti-allergenic features.

Washer / dryers are a highly-convenient package for any household, allowing clothes to be dried quickly without needing to hang them outside or over radiators. While these can use more electricity (and, as a consequence, be considered more expensive to run), they reduce the amount of time and space needed for drying clothes over hours or even days.

This Hotpoint WDAL8640PF freestanding washer/dryer is hugely popular with buyers, receiving great feedback for its high-quality performance, generous range of features, and quiet operation (somewhat uncommon with dryers).

This features just 12 wash programmes (considerably less than some alternative washing machines) as well as 3 drying programmes – given the dual-function of the appliance, many people may be willing to forgive the lesser choice. However, all types of clothing and fabrics can be washed carefully and effectively, with programmes including Cotton, Intensive (for more stubborn stains), Mixed Load, Spin & Drain, Sports (for easier removal of muds and even blood), Pre Wash, and Silk Wash, to name a few.

This Hotpoint machine features Anti Allergy and Anti Stain technology for a more thorough, more pleasant experience for households with common allergies: this gives fabrics extra treatments during cycles to remove bacteria more effectively. There is also a Super Silent setting – this is an especially quiet cycle, which can be used later on in the evening, through the night, or early in the morning without disruption. Households with strange work-patterns and special requirements will find this a key advantage over competing machines.

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A childproof lock is included in the design, which stops curious young children from changing programmes during washing or drying cycles. Reverse Action is also present, which loosens clothes towards the end of the cycle for reduced creasing and, consequently, less need for ironing (saving time in the long-run). A sensor inside the appliance detects when clothes are dry, and switches to a cool tumble, with no direct involvement from the user needed – this also helps to make sure clothes aren’t over-dried.

Buyers searching for the most energy-efficient washing machine may be a little disappointed with the Hotpoint WDAL8640P Freestanding Washer/Dryer, as it has an energy rating of A – while this is still incredibly high (the scale runs right down to G), there are other machines which offer an A+++ rating. This is still energy-efficient, though, and provides outstanding performance, with Wash Performance and Spin Performance both rated A.

The washer/dryer accepts a maximum load of 8 kg for washes (equal to 40 adult T-shirts) and 6 kg for drying (30 adult T-shirts): this should be enough for the majority of households.

This is a popular model with buyers, having received positive feedback and recommendations: washer/dryers can be expensive, but the price of this is very affordable for most budgets, and should provide years of high-quality performance.


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Combines washing and drying in one easy-use appliance
Anti Allergy feature for more efficient removal of bacteria
Child-lock on controls
Super Silent programme for quiet use
Reverse drum setting for less creases


Not as energy-efficient as some of today's other models

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One thought on “Hotpoint WDAL8640P Washer Dryer Review

  1. I have a washing machine called aquarius hotpoint company. This machine is so slow that it should be called a turtle, and parts warranty should be in 100 years.
    Before this machine takes to spin precious minutes pass and she turns slowly back and forth, then stop and drain the water again spins a few times back and forth like a man in a hurry you can go crazy. Besides aquarius reminds me of the water and the washing machine is taking water as a cure just quarrel laundry in a small amount of water and dirt which is the washing disgusting. Quick program (30 minutes) is so fast that after the first wash is not rotating wash only drain the water and takes the next water just SUPER for example, I would like to quickly program not only had washed me quickly my clothes but also giving them a good rinsed and here there is no such options is. Moreover, this machine programs behaves as if she forgot what next to do become a little water and nothing happens passing precious minutes and nothing, this machine is for people very patient or very rich because the time that the machine loses downtime is another money out of my pocket for energy. an anti alergic in this machine which is supposed to be ?. Anti alegic is then well as a washing machine rinses laundry consuming the right amount of water to rinse all detergents in our laundry is perhaps understandable, so all other programs are in the allergic machine? Good to know. aha still spinning as it is finished after stopping the washing machine drum why not open? I just need to wait about 1-2 minutes before you get open. Yes I know some silly option to protect the child, and if someone does not have children and would like to quickly draw after centrifugation to wash them and hang, for example, to go to work or after work to sit back and relax and not wait until the machine is open. And besides, what kind of protection as it will be the 2 or 1 minute and washing machine opens as it changes how the kid will want to enter it or turn it on it alone will not do it while eg. In the middle, and as will be the second child to do it regardless of whether the machine is opened after 1-2 minutes of centrifugation or finite open immediately as a drum washing machine stops. People producing washing machines used heads to think.


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