Hotpoint Washing Machine Guide

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The Hotpoint brand has a long history that stretches back more than a hundred years. The brand traces its origins to two independent appliance makers from the early 20th century, but it did not really take off as an international product line until the two independent appliance developers partnered with the General Electric Company. Since then, the Hotpoint brand has been one of the leaders in innovation and the company has been responsible for many firsts in the appliance industry.



Are Hotpoint washing machines popular?

Hotpoint enjoys a good level of popularity in the UK. As a brand, Hotpoint’s products caught on quickly after their introduction to the UK market in 1920. Consumers liked the clean white look of the appliances, which was a change from the more common look of the time, which a more functional appearance. Additionally, the brand increased in popularity due to the fact that they manufactured many of their machines in the UK. However, recent developments have moved much of Hotpoint’s production to the European mainland and as of this writing, only the tumble dryers are British made.

Even with much of their production moving out of the UK, the brand is still favorably viewed by most consumers. About 2 out of 3 British homes have at least one Hotpoint appliance and Reader’s Digest has listed them as the UK’s most trusted brand of kitchen appliances several times.



Are Hotpoint washing machines reliable?

The reliability of Hotpoint washing machines is pretty well established. Consumers trust the brand because their appliances have a history of providing reliable operation and a long operating life. In addition to that, Hotpoint shows their confidence in the quality of their large kitchen appliances by offering a 10-year guarantee on the parts. The general warranty for most of their products is limited to one year, but a 10-year guarantee on the parts does show that the brand has confidence in the make of their washers.



Points to consider

Hotpoint offers several different lines of washing machines and they come in different sizes and loaded with different features. You can find models to fit almost any budget or lifestyle, so this makes them a brand that has a machine for just about every home.

Hotpoint makes washing machines that come in a great variety of sizes. The range starts as low as 6kg and it goes as high as 11kg. In addition to that, they have sizes that run everything in between. You have 10kg models and machines that cover 9kg, 8kg and 7kg.

Hotpoint washing machines can also cover a variety of different home interiors. They make integrated machines and freestanding models and Hotpoint also offers a range of different finishes. In regard to finish, they are probably most popular for their black washing machines and their models that come in white and silver.

Efficiency is another area where Hotpoint washing machines do well. Most of their machines are rated at A+ or better and several come with the best rating possible at A+++. With machines that get good energy ratings, it means that Hotpoint is a brand that consumers can look to for operation that is economical and good to the environment.



Picture of a hotpoint aqualtis washing machineHotpoint washing machine features

When it comes to innovative features, Hotpoint is a brand that goes out of its way to stay at the front of the pack. However, the types of features that you will get depend largely on the model that you buy. Hotpoint offers value models at the bottom of the range and these models will be less impressive when it comes to the features.

Some of their more notable features include their direct injection stain removal technology, cycles that have a steaming feature, the digital motion drum and the anti-stain turbo cycle. In addition to this, some of their machines also offer anti-allergy cycles, special cycles for baby clothes and Smart technology for a sensor optimized wash cycle.





How much do Hotpoint washing machines cost?

Hotpoint tries to make a machine to fit every budget and even many of their higher end models come at a fairly reasonable price. For consumers that are shopping in the 7-8kg range, the machines usually start at around £250 and the price goes up as you move up the line in quality. Their top line machines start at around £400, but you may be able to find some of these models for less if they are on sale. If you move all the way up to the very best washing machines from Hotpoint, you’ll find prices that can go anywhere from £500 to £700 or more.