Dirty linen: A tale of a washing machine exec spat

Among the many industries in the world that are subject to dirty, underhand tricks between leading execs, it seems that world of washing machines would make for a rather an unlikely candidate. However, as has been seen in recently-released grainy video footage, underhand tactics are alive and well, even within companies that are normally as super shiny as LG Electronics.

In fact, LG and Samsung have long gone head to head within the washing machine world, as well as other sectors, such as mobile handsets and consumer electronics. However it seems that these two high tech multinational companies have reduced themselves to squabbling like children – here is their story of soap-sudded acts of vandalism.


A story of school playground tactics

Recently LG released a nine minute long video of one of their execs looking round at a range of washing machines. Pretty boring stuff, you would think, from a company with a billion dollar marketing budget. However, the release was actually in response to a direct accusation from Samsung. And what was this accusation? Well, Samsung accused this particular LG exec of deliberately bending the door hinges of numerous Samsung display models.

Of course LG have, in return, completely denied all suggestions of any wrongdoing.


So, what is the truth behind the washing machine spat?

In an official statement from LG they’ve provided a little explanation behind the actions of their exec…

“Sometimes people put their hands on the door to steady themselves when they get their laundry out of the machine… and children might try to sit on the door”

And so it seems that the company is taking the position that they were simply testing Samsung’s products in line with the vigorous challenges of everyday life. Going onto say that…

“It was natural for Mr Jo to push the door down to check, especially given that he used to be a technical engineer.”


Accusations of an altogether more serious kind

Whilst the current spat seems to be pretty petty, this ongoing rivalry between LG and Samsung seem to cross over into altogether more serious accusations and today there are numerous legal proceedings covering everything from defamation to tampering with evidence. This one could run and run…





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