Which are the best cheap washing machines to buy?

This is one of the questions we are asked most frequently and, although finding prices is easy – you just need to do a quick price check on any decent online retailer’s site – we recommend you don’t base your decision on price alone. There are numerous other factors to take into account and just opting for the most affordable choice could prove to be a false economy. If one option is £200 but lasts only 2 years and another is £250 but it lasts 5 years which one is really the cheaper machine? Picture of the word price being squeezed in a vice

If low-price is your key consideration then below are a list of the other factors we suggest you might also want to take into account when deciding which make and model to buy…

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    • Delivery charges – many retailers will deliver for free and we strongly suggest you use one that does.
    • Disconnection & recycling of old units (if appropriate) – both of these can incur costs so you need to bear this in mind. See below for more info on DIY options.
    • Installation – again this can incur a cost unless you do it yourself.
    • Annual running cost – you hope your new appliance will last many years so it’s worth trying to buy as efficient a model as you can afford to reduce running costs over the lifetime of the machine.
    • Length of manufacturer’s warranty – most budget machines only have a 1 year warranty but some have 2 years so it’s always worth checking this.
    • Estimated lifespan based on past buyers experience – this is a much harder point to actually define as, ultimately, you can never be sure how long your appliance will actually last. We would just suggest you go for a brand with a decent reputation and don’t take a chance on a make no-one’s ever heard of just because it’s a few quid cheaper.

Taking these factors into account, in our opinion, the cheap washing machines to buy are…


Thumbnail picture of the Beko WMB51221S

Model: Beko WMB51221S

Price: £199

Annual Running Cost: £23.70

Warranty: 1 Year

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Small picture of the Beko WMB61221W

Model: Beko WMB61221W

Price: £199

Annual Running Cost: £29.10

Warranty: 1 Year

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Small picture of the Zanussi ZWG6120K

Model: Zanussi ZWG6120K

Price: £219

Annual Running Cost: £27.60

Warranty: 1 Year

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Are you looking for an affordable integrated washing machine?

If you’re looking for a integrated model you probably already know that these tend to be more expensive than freestanding units with the cheapest currently priced at around £280. Our recommendations for the best cheap built in washing machines would be

Picture of the Beko WMI61241Model: Beko WMI61241

Price: £319

Annual Running Cost: £36.30

Warranty: 2 Years

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Picture of the Indesit IWME147Model: Indesit IWME147

Price: £279

Annual Running Cost: £39.27

Warranty: 1 Year

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Picture of the BEKO WMI71641Model: Beko WMI71641

Price: £299

Annual Running Cost: £35.70

Warranty: 2 Years

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How do you get the best deal on a new washing machine?

If you’re looking to get the best possible price on your new washing machine there really is no alternative but to buy online. As you’re reading this we can safely assume you have access to a computer, and know your way around the web, so this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Some people of course still like to see/touch a new appliance just to check first-hand the quality of the build etc and this is still very feasible (depending on the popularity of the model(s) you’re interested in). Lots of the big out-of-town retailers like Currys etc still carry a wide range of appliances in store, so you should still be able to visit a store to get a better idea of what you want. We would then strongly recommend returning home to check the cheapest prices online before placing your order. It could well be that you still decide to buy from Currys but there’s a good chance you’ll get a better deal on their website than you would in a store.

You may find that a particular physical store is doing a great deal on a particular machine as part of a special promo or because the model is being discontinued and, in such cases, the prices offered may be unbeatable anywhere else. If this happens and you find exactly what you want then, sure, go ahead and grab a bargain in the store. 9 times out of 10 these days however, you’ll always be able to find a cheaper deal online. Physical stores simply have too many overheads (expensive rent, rates, staff etc) to be able to compete with dedicated online retailers and you must use this fact to your advantage.


Additional Money Saving Tips

Getting the best price on your new appliance is only part of the challenge as the additional costs involved can quickly mount up. You’re not home and dry till the unit is sitting in your kitchen, plumbed in and running and your old washer is nestled happily in the recycling depot.

If you’re buying  and installing a washing machine for the first time (and don’t happen to be a dab-hand at DIY) you’ll most likely need to get a professional to help you with the plumbing and installation. If however you’re replacing an existing unit, as many of you will be, there are definitely a few areas where you can shave off a few extra pounds and this can make a big difference if you’re on a tight budget. Below are a few cash-saving ideas to consider…

Get Free DeliveryDIY Disconnection DIY InstallationRecycling Old Units
Screegrab from the AO.com site showing the various delivery options and pricing

This isn’t optional, make sure you get free delivery! This is easy to achieve so anyone wanting to save money should make sure they order with a retailer who won’t add on extra charges for delivery.This may involve waiting a day or two for your new machine but, as long as being home to wait for the delivery isn’t a huge headache for you, it seems like a no-brainer to do so. The retailer we tend to recommend most frequently, AO.com, offers free delivery on all new appliances (which normally takes 2-3 days from time of order). At the time of writing they are doing a special offer (see the pic above) where next day delivery is also free but that is due to end soon.

Most retailers who do installations also offer a disconnection service for a pretty reasonable price (AO.com, for example, will do this for the price of a pint in London ie £4.99) but if you’re looking to save cash this is an easy process to do yourself. Take a look at the video below for a step-by-step guide. Sorry the guy’s voice is a little quiet in places. Also, please note that, in the video, his stopcock is under the sink but there’s a good chance yours will be located somewhere else in your home. Chances are you already know where to find it. If not you’ll just have to hunt around a bit.

For most people the thought of installing a washing machine would be a pretty intimidating prospect but, to be honest, it’s really not that hard (assuming you’re just replacing an existing machine). AO.com charge £19.99 for installation which is pretty reasonable considering the work involved but, if you’re on a budget twenty quid is twenty quid, so why not save the money? Take a look at the video below for an explanation of what is involved.

If you’re buying a washing machine for the first time, or are opting for a built in appliance, you can still do the installation yourself but it’s a bit more challenging. If you’re going to take this on we recommend taking a look on YouTube for more ‘how to’ videos and guides.

Picture of a sign showing the way to the recycling centreAs you’re probably aware, there are government regulations covering how/where appliances can be safely disposed of. You can’t really just stick the old machine on the pavement outside your house and hope the washing machine fairies take it away.

Recycling charges tend to be around the £10 mark so, if you don’t fancy forking out for that, you can always just stick the old machine in the back of your car and take it to the local refuse centre. You can find your nearest one using the postcode locator on the Recycle Now website here.