Candy Washing Machine Guide

Picture of the candy logoFounded in 1945, Candy is an Italian appliance manufacturer. It operates under the name of Candy and they also own the European division of Hoover. While the brands are owned by the same company, there do seem to be some significant differences between the appliances that they make. Many of the core components from the machines may be the same, but there are some differences in regard to the features and the look.

Are Candy Washing Machines Reliable?

While they are made by the same company, the machines that come under the Hoover name do seem to be better made and a little more reliable. Additionally, people have complained about the quality of their service network in recent years. That being said, most spares are easy to find and you can get repairs from independent service companies. Additionally, many of the machines with the Hoover name get better warranty coverage, so that could be an indicator that they are of a slightly better quality.

Washing Machine Capacity

The Candy brand offers a wide selection of machines in the 7kg and 8kg capacity sizes. They also offer a few models below that in 6kg and models that go above this size in the 9kg and 10kg size. In addition to that, they also offer a nice compact machine that comes with a 3.5kg capacity.

Picture of a built in candy washing machineBuild Options

Beyond capacity size, consumers get a nice selection of options from this brand. Most of their machines do come in a white finish, but they do have a few models in grey or black. They also offer a selection of freestanding model and a few built-in machines. For spin speed, most of their washing machines have maximum speeds ranging between 1200rpm to 1600rpm and the compact 3.5kg machine has a spin speed of 1000rpm.

Candy Washing Machine Features

This is another area where the Candy brand does not seem to offer quite as much as the machines with the Hoover name. The top machines from Hoover will have more advanced features and more special cycles. However, you can still find some good features and program options with this brand. Features like digital display, load size detection, delay start and easy iron are common on these machines. Some of the special cycles may include a wool, sports wash, quick wash, half load and a hygienic wash. Their line includes all of the basic features and programs that you would expect from a modern washer and at the top of their range, they do have some extras that they offer.


With the washing machines from Candy, the efficiency can vary significantly from one model to the next. They do offer a wide selection of machines with the highest energy rating of A+++, but there are several in the A+ and A++ category. The 3.5 kg machine is the lowest rated for energy efficiency with a rating of A. One good point is that some of their least expensive washers come with the A+++ rating, so they can be a cost effective choice for consumers.

Candy Washing Machine Price

The pricing for Candy washing machines is pretty good. You can find 8 and 9kg washers in their Grand’O Vita range starting at around £250. For the most part, the line runs from between £250-400 with a few exceptions.