Bosch WIS28441GB Integrated Washing Machine Review

Bosch Logixx WIS28441GB Built In Washing Machine
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Review Summary:

This is a first class integrated machine from Bosch. Buyers rave about it and 96% said they would recommend it to a friend. It scores highly on pretty much every count. The only downside is that it's not cheap but if your budget runs to it you should give this model very serious consideration.

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The Bosch Logixx WIS28441GB built in washing machine is the exactly the kind quality product as you would expect from a German company with a reputation for excellence, and as such is at the pricier end of the market. It features 15 programmes including a sports wash, delicates and woollens wash as well as longer cycles for cottons and more heavily-soiled items. The machine has a 15 minute quick wash time which is perfect for a small load or for when you’re in a hurry. This Bosch also features Aqua Stop flood prevention which turns off the water if there is a leak detected which is great for your peace of mind. It also has a 24 hour delay timer so you can plan when to switch on the machine, whether at night to take advantage of the cheap electricity or when you’re going out, or maybe early in the morning so the wash is ready for the line when you get up.

One of the features that makes this Bosch stand out from the crowd is the 3D Aqua spa technology which sprays the washing from 3 angles ensuring a thorough pre-soaking and ensuring the powder dissolves completely too (check out this video to find out more). Customers said the washing came out really fresh ad clean and that the Bosch did a top notch job. This Logixx model also features ActiveWater which means your clothes get a good steep for even better results. It has an automatic half load feature and sensors tell how much water is necessary for the particular load thus saving on your energy bill. The machine has been awarded an A+ energy efficiency rating and costs £34 a year to run.

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This integrated machine runs particularly quietly but has a noisy end of cycle buzzer (not a big deal for the vast majority of people we would imagine). It has a button and dial control panel with and LED display. The display will tell you how much wash time is left leaving you to plan your time effectively. The appliance has a 7kg drum, adequate for the average family or couple with the capacity to hold 35 T-Shirts.

The WIS28441GB has variable temperature and variable spin speed and the drum revolves at 1400 rpm. It feature a Vario soft drum which helps to minimize wear and tear of your fabrics through frequent washing, your clothes will last longer and your fabrics are better cared for. And finally, this model comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

As with many integrated machines some buyers complained that the door panel was a little tricky to fit but most people said they managed fine. The overwhelming feedback from buyers generally is that this is a fantastic machine. It’s not cheap obviously but the consensus would seem to be that “you get what you pay for”. If your budget stretches to this machine then you’d be very unlikely to regret your decision to buy it.


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Very well built
Excellent range of programmes
Loads of additional Bosch features such as 3D Aqua Spa and ActiveWater
Built to last
Energy and water efficient
Larger than average 7kg capacity
Cheap to run
1400rpm spin speed meaning clothes will need less drying time


Just the price tag

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One thought on “Bosch WIS28441GB Integrated Washing Machine Review

  1. I’ve recently bought this machine and already love it! It’s super quiet and washes brilliantly. The only negative I’ve noticed (and it’s a very small one really) is the loud buzzer that goes off when a cycle ends. This is just a bit of a pain if you use the delay timer to run the washing at night or early in the am. When I have time I’ll read the instructions to see if there is a way to silence this. Other than that couldn’t be happier with it.


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