Bosch WAN24100GB Washing Machine Review

Bosch Serie 4 WAN24100GB
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  • Bosch Serie 4 WAN24100GB
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  • Last modified: October 18, 2017
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Review Summary:

While it might not be perfect, the Bosch Serie 4 WAN24100GB is a good all around washing machine. With its reliable build and the good cleaning results, it offers a great value at the price, and it still comes with some nice features and programmes that help to make it versatile. If you are looking for a good 7kg washer at a reasonable price, this is definitely a model worth considering.

With the Bosch Serie 4 WAN24100GB, you have a reliable washing machine that is made to last. It has a maximum capacity of 7kg and it comes with a good range of programmes and features. When you consider the quality of this machine, it is hard to argue that you could do much better in this price range.

The cleaning results from this Bosch Serie 4 washer are really impressive. It has Bosch’s 3D Aqua Spa system that helps to ensure that the laundry gets thoroughly soaked when in the wash, and it has the ActiveWater technology for measuring the size of the load and using the right amount of water for each load of washing.

Along with the range of helpful technologies that make for better washing, this machine also has a nice range of programmes. In all, you have fourteen programs for washing laundry, and it also has a special programme for cleaning the drum. As you would expect, this model has cycles like cottons, cottons eco and easy care for synthetics, plus it has additional options like mixed, delicates, shirts, darks, wool, duvet, sportswear, allergy plus, quick wash and it has a quiet night programme.

With this range of programmes, and the above-mentioned technologies, you have a washer that performs well for a variety of cleaning jobs. Along with that, you have an added level of versatility when you look at the features that can be added to some of the programmes. It has Bosch’s VarioPerfect system, which allows the user to choose between the best efficiency or to speed the programmes up for a quicker wash. It also comes with the Aqua Plus feature that makes for a longer wash and rinse with more water.

All in all, the Bosch WAN24100GB performs well, but there are a few points that could be better. If you look at some of the cycle times, they are a bit long. A full load of cottons can take more than three hours to run, and the economy options are even longer. Most buyers will probably find that they want to use the time saver option to get the laundry done quicker.

For a machine with a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm, this model does offer a fairly effective spin cycle. As far as spin effectiveness goes, you could do better with some of the more expensive models from this brand, but this one does perform well. You might find that some of the heavier items come out a little wetter than you may like, but this really is not a major issue.

On a positive note, this machine is easy to operate. The programme selector is a turn dial, and it has buttons for things like adding features and making adjustments to the spin speed and the water temperature. Along with that, it has a wide opening that helps to make it easy to load and unload.


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• 7kg capacity
• Good range of programmes
• Special anti-allergy programme
• Auto load size detection
• 15-minute and 30-minute options for quick wash
• VarioPerfect system
• Aqua Plus option
• Variable temperature control
• Variable spin speed control
• Display with countdown timer
• Delay start timer
• A+++ energy rating
• 10-year warranty on motor
• 2-year warranty from the manufacturer


• Some of the cycle times are too long
• The spin cycle does not perform well for some tasks

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