Which Are The Best Washer Dryers?

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Given the choice, most people would probably buy separate machines for washing and drying their laundry. However, the living circumstances of many of us will mean that this is just not an option and washer/dryer combo machines offer a good alternative. These machines can wash and dry your clothes all in the same unit, and the more modern models do a pretty good job at both tasks.

If you are looking to purchase a washer dryer, then you have a great selection of products to choose from. Almost every major manufacturer makes at least of few washer dryers, and there are units that are priced for every budget (ranging from about £300 up to about £1,200)

In this article, we are going to look at a few of the points that are important for potential buyers, and then we are going to provide a few recommendations for the best washer dryers that are currently available.


Why buy a Washer Dryer?

Almost any appliance expert is going to tell you that buying separate units for washing and drying is better. With each machine being dedicated to its task, the different units can be engineered specifically for the job they need to do. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the technologies involved in washing and drying are pretty different.


Space Saving – The big advantage, and the number one reason that people buy these combo machines, is that they are space saving by design. Many homes do not have room for two separate units, so a washer dryer combo allows the homeowner to get both functions in a space that can only fit one machine. This could be the kitchen or a storage cupboard or utility room.

 Up-Front Cost – As an additional option, the combination machines tend to cost less than buying separate machines. For many, when they consider the ability to save space combined with the cost savings, it makes the washer dryer combo a great option.


 Running Cost – One point to consider though when it comes to saving money on the cost of the machines is efficiency. The combination machines tend to use more energy than separate units do. While you may save money on the initial purchase, it is going to cost you more on the electricity bill in the longer term (but probably not a life-changing amount). If you buy your machine from a site like ao.com (who we recommend) you’ll find they list the annual running cost of each machine as part of the product details. You can compare and contrast with dedicated washing machines etc to be sure you’re comfortable with the ongoing costs before you buy.

All of that being said, if you do not have the space for two machines, getting a combo model will be more convenient than just getting a washer. When you consider the amount of time it takes clothes to dry naturally and the issues that can come with poor weather, most people will take the compromise over having no dryer at all.


Things to Consider

When you shop for a washer dryer, you want to do more than just look for a machine that can do both jobs. There are some design elements that can make a big difference and you want to consider the types of features that come with the machine.

Washing Capacity vs Drying Capacity

The first big consideration is the difference between the washing capacity and the drying capacity. As you know, both functions occur in the same drum, but this does not mean that both functions can handle the same load size. With a washer dryer, you are always going to be able to wash more than you will be able to dry. For effective drying, the clothes need more room to move, and the air needs room to circulate.

This means that you are basically going to have to look at it in two ways. You could always just load the machine to the drying capacity so that there are no worries, or you can go with the full washing capacity, and remove some clothes to hang dry before the drying cycle starts.

 Integrated or Freestanding?

Another point that you are going to want to consider is whether you want an integrated machine or one that is freestanding. In this article, we are going to focus on freestanding models. While the integrated models are nice aesthetically and can fit with the design of the kitchen, the freestanding models are a little more convenient because they are easier to install and the buyer will have more placement options for setting them up in the home.

As a smart shopper, you are also going to want to look at the different features and programs that come with the machine. Even with the combination models, you can get a nice assortment of programs for both washing and drying, and you can still find many of your favourite features. Take the time to consider these points to ensure that you are getting a machine that will work well for your lifestyle.


Why Are Washer Dryer Buyer Reviews Often Negative?

Before you buy your washer dryer we strongly recommend you read some owner/buyer reviews on retailers’ sites. One thing to bear in mind is that washer dryers never tend to score as highly with users as regular washing machines so you won’t necessarily see the row of ‘5 star’ reviews that you might expect or hope for. Why is this? The reason, in our humble opinion, is often that buyers don’t use the machines as suggested by the manufacturers. In particular they don’t notice the different capacities for washing and drying as mentioned above. What this means is, if you put in too large a load, the drying performance will, most likely, be less than perfect. This is just a limitation of this type of machine that you need to understand and work with. You can read more about this in our Washer Dryer Buying Guide here.


And so, without further ado, below you’ll find a list of the washer dryers that we would consider to be ‘Best Buys’. Please bear in mind that these machines can vary significantly in price, so not all will be appropriate for everyones’ budget. As a general rule, as with any major appliance purchase, you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean that the cheaper models are no good. It simply means they probably won’t perform quite as well as the top-of-the-range machines or offer as many features and functions. We highly recommend reading existing owners reviews and comments on your chosen retailer’s site before you make your final decision.

Under each machine you’ll find a list of prices offered by major online retailers. These are updated daily so should always be up-to-date. It’s always worth clicking through to the sites that interest you to double-check the very latest price before you make up your mind as prices do tend to fluctuate as retailers compete to offer the best deals.


 1. Bosch WVH28422GB (Our Top Pick)

Picture of the Bosch Logixx WVH28422GB 7Kg / 4Kg Washer Dryer 1400 rpmIf you have the budget, the Bosch Logixx WVH28422GB is a top quality washer dryer. It provides some of the finest washing capabilities that you will find, and it comes with a good selection of features and options.

For washing alone, this is a machine with a 7kg capacity. It has a nice wide door that makes it easy to load and it comes with versatile washing features. You get a total of 11 programs for washing, including some nice options like silk, wool, hygiene and allergy. In addition to that, you also have options to control the spin speed and the water temperature.

As a dryer, this machine can handle up to 4kg of laundry. It uses sensor drying, and you have options for intensive, gentle and refresh. For the most part, it does perform well on drying, but there are times that the sensors might shut the machine off early.

You can read 25 customer reviews of this machine at ao.com here – their buyers rate this machine 4.9/5 which is really very impressive for a combo!



Special programmes like hygiene, quick wash and allergy
Good build quality
1400 rpm max spin speed


The dryer does shut off early sometimes

See who’s got the best price for the Bosch WVH28422GB below

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£785.00 Visit Store
£805.00 Visit Store
£805.00 Visit Store
£805.00 Visit Store
£812.99 Visit Store
£829.00 Visit Store
£838.00 Visit Store
£949.00 Visit Store


2. Samsung WD80J6410AW

Picture of the SAMSUNG ecobubble WD80J6410AW/EU Washer Dryer
It may be a little on the pricey side, but the SAMSUNG ecobubble WD80J6410AW offers an exceptional value for the money. It is a very efficient machine and has a wash capacity of 8kg and a drying capacity of 6kg (which is pretty big for a combo). Additionally, it comes with a nice selection of features and options for a machine that can handle the laundry needs of just about any home.

This machine is a real standout in its washing abilities. It has a wide selection of wash cycles, with special programs for things like sanitation, baby clothes and delicates. In addition to that, it has a speed wash and special features for stain removal.

For drying, this is one of the better machines. First, you can dry up to 6kg of laundry, and that comes pretty close to the 8kg wash capacity, so the difference is not as much as it is with many of the other machines. Additionally, it works on a sensor dry system and you have three different dryness levels that you can choose from.

You can read 137 Currys buyer reviews here.



14 wash programs
Good build quality
1400 rpm max spin speed


Long cycle times

Who’s offering the cheapest price for the Samsung WD80J6410AW?

Prices updated every day at 5am
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£749.99 Visit Store


3. LG Eco Hybrid FH4U2TDH1N


LG Eco Hybrid With TrueSteam FH4U2TDH1N 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm

With the LG FH4U2TDH1N, you get a washer dryer that comes with some of the best features, and it provides performance that is second to none. With this model, you get an 8kg washing capacity, and it has a drying capacity of 5kg. It comes with LG’s 6-motion direct drive drum for excellent cleaning capabilities, and it has steam features that can be good for things like allergy protection.

This LG washer dryer comes with a selection of programs that can be good for all of your basic washing needs, and a bit more. Along with your standard programs, this model has options for allergy care, steam refresh, sportswear, duvet, stain removal and more. In addition to that, this model connects with Smartphones, and the user can download special cycles to add to the selection.

The drying on this machine is also quite impressive. It has sensor and timed drying options, so the user can select their preference, and it has special drying options like iron dry, eco and low temperature drying.

Click here to read what 8 ao.com buyers had to say about this model – they rate it 4.8 out of 5!



 14 wash programs with downloadable options
Sensor and timed drying
 Steam feature for allergy care and refresh
 1400 rpm max spin speed


 It can be a little confusing when you first start using it

Find the best price for the LG Eco Hybrid FH4U2TDH1N below

Prices updated daily at 5am
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£599.00 Visit Store
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£789.00 Visit Store
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£799.00 Visit Store


4. Hotpoint Ultima WDUD9640G


picture of the Hotpoint WDUD9640G 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer

Considering the wide selection of features and programmes, the Hotpoint Ultima WDUD9640G is one of the most versatile machines that you will find. The buyer gets great cleaning capabilities with a broad array of options that can make it a solid option for just about any home.

As a washing machine, you get a 9kg capacity for fitting a lot of laundry in a single load. The wash performance is impressive, and you have a total of 16 programmes to choose from. The cycle selections include one user preset and special cycles like anti-stain and anti-allergy.

For drying, the WDUD9640G performs well, but you might occasionally need to give clothes some extra drying when the machine stops. The machine has a 6kg drying capacity and it uses sensor drying with options like cottons, synthetics and wool.

Read what 578 Currys buyers had to say about this model here (they rate it 8.3 out of 10).



16 wash programmes
Anti-stain feature
9kg wash capacity
1400 rpm max spin speed


Long programme times
Some settings are a little noisy

Compare prices for the Hotpoint WDUD9640G below

Prices updated every day at 5am
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£419.00 Visit Store
£449.00 Visit Store
£470.00 Visit Store
£479.00 Visit Store
£507.97 Visit Store


5. Indesit XWDE861480XS


picture of the Indesit Innex XWDE8614

The Indesit Innex XWDE861480XS is a more affordable option for people that are looking to purchase a combo. This machine has a wash capacity of up to 8kg and it can dry as much as 6kg of clothes at one time.

The XWDE861480XS performs well as a washing machine. It has 14 wash cycles for a nice variety of cleaning capabilities. Along with all of the standard wash settings, it also has cycles for sportswear, anti-odour and wool, plus you can make adjustments to the temperature and spin speed.

As a dryer, this machine generally works well, but buyers have reported some niggles. It has sensor drying, and you can select the level of dryness that you want. However, some owners have reported that sometimes the sensor stops the machine before the clothes are fully dry. This could of course be a result of over-loading and is probably a very manageable issue if this machine suits your budget.

Read what 24 Currys buyers had to say here…



14 wash programmes
Easy to use
1400 rpm max spin speed


Sometimes the dryer stops too early

Who’s got the best deal on the Indesit XWDE861480XS?

Prices updated daily at 5am
  Stockist Price  
£317.98 Visit Store
£389.00 Visit Store
£399.00 Visit Store
£399.00 Visit Store
£399.99 Visit Store
£435.99 Visit Store



Shopping for a washer dryer can be a bit confusing. Instead of looking at a machine that does just one or the other, you have to consider the features and performance of both functions. The models above include some of the best in a variety of price ranges, but there are other probably machines on the market that provide comparable performance so we recommend shopping around. When you shop for your washer dryer, it’s important to look closely at the features and the design of the machine. You not only want to make sure that you are getting good performance, but that it is an appliance that will last a long time and provide years of faithful service.

Good luck finding the right option for you and please feel free to get in touch if you need further help or advice.



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