Which Are The Best Silver Washing Machines?

One of the most striking things about shopping for a washing machine these days is the level of choice that you have. This is especially true if you compare the options that you have today, to the options that you had a few decades ago.

When you shop for a new washing machine, there are quite a few different aspects you’ll need to decide on in order to get a model that meets your needs. You can get machines that come in a wide range of sizes, you have a vast selection of features and options to choose from and the modern machines also come in a great range of colours.

In the past, the famous quote attributed to Henry Ford “any color so long as it is black” very much applied to appliances if you just replaced the word ‘black’ with ‘white’, but these days you have much wider selection. In addition to white, it is also common to find washing machines that come in colours like silver and black. While it may be less common, some brands go even further than making white, black and silver washing machines, and you can find the occasional washer that comes in colours like brown, blue or even pink!

Even with all of these colour options, most people are generally satisfied with machines that come in white, and it is still by far the most popular colour. However, there are people that find that an option like a silver washer will fit in better with their home décor. For people like this, there is a nice selection of silver washing machines, and you should be able to find one that is not only the colour that you want, but also fits the other requirements of your home.

Since colour is only one deciding point in finding the right washing machine for your home, you are also going to want to pay attention to some of the other factors that can help to make a particular appliance the right one for the circumstances of the individual. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the basic decision points and then move on to checking out our top picks for the best silver washing machines.


What to look for

Silver Washing Machines

If you have decided that a silver model is the right fit for your home, you are really just at the beginning of the decision making process. You still need to go over a number of different points that can be important for finding a machine that will work well for your laundry needs. In this article, we are only going to cover the basic points that can help a shopper when they are forming a decision, but if you want to know more about selection the right washer for your home, you can go on to read our washing machine buying guide.


For many buyers, the machine capacity is going to be an important point. When you see the listing for capacity, it tells you the amount of laundry that you are going to be able to wash in a single load. Obviously, if you wash a lot of laundry per week, a larger machine will serve you better (7, 8 or possibly 9kg), but if your loads tend to be light, you can go with a smaller machine (6kg).


This is another area where the level of choice has expanded. While you still have the option to go with a machine that only has the basic settings, you do have machines that will come with a variety of special wash cycles. If you like some of the special cycles, then you may want to look for programs for things like wool, linens, gym clothes, baby clothes and jeans.


Many of the modern washing machines will also come with a range of features. Some will have anti-crease features, variable spin cycles, temperature controls, the ability to speed up the cycles, sanitizing wash and more. With some brands, you may even be able to find special features that are not available from other manufacturers.

 Ease of use

In general, most washers are going to be fairly easy to use. If a machine comes with a wide range of features and settings, it may take some time to get used to, but manufacturers understand the value of making a user-friendly appliance. If ease of use is a particular concern, then you could look at the design and layout of the controls as well as the size and degree of swing for the door.

1. Samsung WW90K5413UXSamsung WW90K5413UX

It is a bit on the expensive side, but the Samsung AddWash WW90K5413UX is one of the best silver washing machines that you can find. It has a 9kg drum for washing large loads, it comes with a wide selection of washing programs, and the user gets a great number of options for customising their wash.
With this model, the buyer gets top quality washing performance. It uses the Samsung ecobubble system for getting the suds deep into the clothes and it has great stain removal capabilities. The machine has 14 wash programs including cycles for cottons, delicates, synthetics, wool, bedding, baby care and darks. Further, you have nice features like the bubble soak, speed up and the ability to control the water temperature and the spin speed.

The WW90K5413UX from Samsung is also easy to use. It has a display with a countdown timer, a dial for selecting your cycles and it has buttons for adding features, setting the delay timer and controlling the temperature and spin of the cycle.

Large 9kg drum

Great selection of programs

Good build quality

A+++ energy rating

 A little expensive

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With the LG FH4A8TDN4, you have a washer that is a little pricey, but it delivers some of the best washing performance that you will find. This model has an 8kg capacity, a selection of 14 wash programs and it offers a high level of user control with options for changing the spin cycle speed, the wash temperature and different rinse options.

When it comes to cleaning performance, there are few models that are going to rival to the FH4A8TDN4. It has the LG six motion drum, and this provides a variety of drum motions that give the machine the ability to handle a wide range of fabrics and get them about as clean as any machine can. Among the 14 wash settings, you have options for baby care, hygiene, cotton, stain, sports wash and more. Additionally, you can download and add a special cycle using your Smartphone.

For the most part, this machine is easy to operate, but new users may find that it does take a little time to get used to all of the options and features. The machine has a turn-dial selector for the programs, and the options and features can be turned on and off through buttons on the control panel.

Good variety of cycle options

Good build quality

  Fast cycle times

A+++ energy rating


 First time users may find it a little complicated

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3. Bosch Serie 6 WAQ2836SGB

Bosch Serie 4 WAQ2836SGB

The Bosch Serie 6 WAQ2836SGB is a washing machine that offers reliable operation and great wash performance. This Bosch appliance has an 8kg capacity, a good range of washing options and it performs well on almost any task that you put it to.

The WAQ2836SGB has some good cycle options, but it does not have a long list of special cycles. You have programs for cottons, wool, delicates, easy care, quick wash and mixed load. While the cycle options are a little limited, you do have a good number of additional options that you can add to the cycle. You can control the temperature and the spin speed, it has the Bosch VarioPerfect feature for increasing efficiency or for cutting the time of the cycles and it has an anti-crease feature.

As for ease of use, buyers should not find this machine difficult at all. It has a selector dial for all of your wash programs and it has buttons for making adjustments to spin speed and temperature. Additionally, it has a countdown timer on the control panel and it has indicators that tell the user the stage of the cycle that the machine is currently in.

 Good build quality

 Bosch VarioPerfect system

 Anti-crease setting

 A+++ energy rating

 Limited selection of programs

 Spin performance could be better


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4. Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD9467JGG

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD9467JGG

For a 9kg capacity washing machine, the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD9467JGG offers exceptional value. It is reasonably priced for a model of this size, and it still comes with a great selection of washing programs and features.

This Hotpoint from the Ultima S-Line delivers good cleaning performance with its 16 wash cycles, and users will love all of the options that they have. It comes with cycles for whites, baby clothes, stain removal, bed & bath and it has two anti-allergy settings. In addition to that, it has features like a speed up option, colour care and steam hygiene that can be added to programs.

This silver appliance from Hotpoint is user-friendly. You have an electronic turn-dial for all of the program options and it has buttons for all of the features that can be added to the wash. You can easily select a program, adjust the temperature and the spin speed and add features like the direct injection stain removal system.

 Large 9kg drum

 Wide selection of programs

 Speed up feature and hygienic steam

 A+++ energy rating

The spin cycle is a little loud

Spin cycle could perform better


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5. Indesit Innex XWD71452S

Indesit Innex XWD71452S

The Indesit Innex XWD71452S offers a more affordable option for people that are looking for a quality washing machine. Even at its low price, it still comes with a good number of programs and features, and it has a 7kg capacity, which means that it should be adequate for most homes.

With the XWD71452S, the buyer gets a machine that offers quality cleaning results for a number of different laundry jobs. You get a total of 14 programs and it has settings for rinse and spin & drain. The program selection includes settings for colours, cottons, synthetics, sports wash, anti-odour, wool, duvet and darks. Additionally, you have special features for washing sports shoes, an easy iron setting and a speed up to cut the cycle times.

In this model, you get all of these features and programs in an easy to use package. The control panel has dials for selecting the program, adjusting the spin speed and for changing the wash temperature, and then you have buttons for all of the added features. Users should have few problems learning how to use this machine, and it performs well.

 Good selection of programs

 Features for sports shoes, anti-crease

 Timer saver

 Good build quality

 A++ energy rating

 Spin cycle noise

 Some of the cycle times run a little long

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