Our Top 5 Condenser Tumble Dryers (including Heat Pump models)

which are the best condenser tumble dryers

Having a dryer in the home can can make doing the laundry seem far less of a chore. Drying clothes on a line or hanging them on rack will save on energy, but there are several factors that can make this less than ideal.

Taking the clothes to a line and hanging them adds effort and time to the work that goes into doing laundry. It can take a long time for clothes to hang dry, and you can have problems when it comes to the amount of space needed and, of course, the English weather.

When it comes to getting a tumble dryer for the home, you have two basic types from which to choose: vented and condenser dryers. In this post, we are going to take a look at condenser dryers, the basics about buying one and then we are going to make a few recommendations for the best condenser dryers that are currently available.

Why get a condenser dryer?

condenser dryer

When you look at the price difference, you can see that vented dryers generally cost less than the condenser models. For some, this may make the vented dryer seem like the obvious way to go. However, there are good arguments for the condenser machines, and there are some models that are priced to compete with the vented machines.

The main reason that people opt for a condenser dryer over one that uses a vent is that, when it comes to installation, they are more versatile and easier to find a place for. With a vented model, you have to run a vent to the outside of the home. That means that the dryer has to be near an exterior wall where the vent can be fitted, or at least near a window where you can temporarily hang the vent hose when the machine is in operation. For many homes, this is a requirement that just does not work.

With the condenser models, the moisture in the expelled air is condensed into water, and it is collected in a reservoir that is in the machine. This water reservoir then needs to be emptied by the owner, though there are some units where you can connect a pipe that drains the unit automatically (as you would with a washing machine).

Another issue that some may have with condenser dryers is that they are usually less efficient than their vented counterparts. However, this is a factor that has started to change. Now, you can find condenser dryers that use heat pump technology to reduce the energy consumption. They do generally cost more, but they are some of the most efficient dryers that are available.

What to look for

If you have decided that a condenser model is the right type of dryer for your home, you are really just beginning the decision making process. There is so much more that you should consider if you want to get the machine that will work the best for your circumstances.

After you’ve decided that a condenser is the right way to go, you should think about the volume of laundry that you regularly need to wash. Getting a machine that is the right size will make a major difference in how well the dryer works for you. If you go too small, you will find that you have to do and excessive number of loads to get the job done. If you go too large, you might end up spending more on electricity than you really need to.

If you look at the design of a dryer, the capacity can be measured in two ways. When you look at the advertisements or labels for the machine, you will usually see the weight capacity. This is because the weight capacity is the more relevant measurement. However, if you look at the machine specifications, you will also find the drum size in litres.

Beyond the size of the dryer, you also want to consider the different features and capabilities. Look at the different programmes that the machine has, consider whether it has options for timed drying and sensor drying, look into whether it has an anti-creasing feature or a reverse action drum.

As an additional point, you may also want to consider whether it is worth it to spend the extra money for a heat pump condenser dryer. The heat pump dryers circulate the air through the drum, extracting moisture from the clothes and then it is sent through a filter to remove the moisture from the air. This warm air is then reheated and sent back into the drum. This process cuts the electricity usage down considerably.

While the heat pump dryers consume about half the electricity of comparable condenser dryers that do not use the heat pump technology, they do also tend to cost significantly more to purchase. Furthermore, most heat pump models do take a little longer to dry the clothes.

To find out more about buying the right tumble dryer for your needs please take a look at our Tumble Dryer Buying Guide here.

1. Miele T8828 CMiele T8828 C

With a 7kg capacity and a great selection of programmes and features, the Miele T8828 C is a tumble dryer that could perform well for a range of different homes. It is a reliable machine that provides great results for all of your drying needs, and it is made for ease of use.

To start, the T8828 C has 12 programs. Some of them are automatic sensor drying programmes and there are options for timed drying. It has your standard settings for things like cottons and synthetics, plus it has cycles for woollens, denim, proofing and an express dry option. It has the reverse action drum to protect the fabric and prevent tangling, plus it has the end of cycle anti-crease feature.

The machine has a wide porthole for easy loading and unloading, it has indicators for cleaning the filter and emptying the water container and the controls are very simple. Additionally, this machine has versatile installation options. You can run a pipe that will automatically drain the condensation reservoir and it has a design that allows for freestanding or built in installation.

Versatile selection of programmes and features

Sensor and timed drying

Reverse action drum and anti-crease feature

Great build quality

The price

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2. Bosch Serie 8 WTW87560GBBosch Serie 8 WTW87560GB

With the Bosch Serie 8 WTW87560GB tumble dryer, you get a 9kg machine that boasts a great selection of features and efficient operation that outperforms almost all of the competition. This machine may cost a little more than many of its competitors, but the use of heat pump technology means that it consumes much less electricity, so it could save you money in the long run.

This Serie 8 machine comes with a nice selection of features and programmes. The machine can be used with timed drying and it also has a range of automatic sensor drying programmes. In all, it has 14 programmes, including ones for things like allergy protection, down wear and woollens. Some may note that this model does not have the reverse action drum, but it does have an anti-crease feature.

The WTW87560GB from Bosch is also fairly easy to use. It has a nice large porthole, a turn dial for selection programmes and buttons for turning on different features. Additionally, it has a large display on the control panel with a countdown timer and indicators.

 Versatile array of features and programmes

 Anti-crease feature

  Sensor and timed drying

 Very efficient with an A++ energy rating

 A little loud

 The sensors occasionally stop the machine too early

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3. Samsung DV80H8100HW

Samsung DV80H8100HW

For a dryer that performs well in both efficiency and effectiveness, the Samsung DV80H8100HW is a great option. This is a heat pump model, so it is one of the best when it comes to low energy consumption, plus it provides an array of features and programmes that make it an all around great machine.

The DV80H8100HW from Samsung has 14 programmes that the user can choose from. Some of these are sensor drying options and there are choices for timed drying. The machine has three different dryness levels that you can select for the load and it has a reverse action drum and the anti-crease feature.

For its ease of use, this is a great machine. You can select one of the programs from the dial on the control panel, then it has buttons for things like the dryness level and the anti-crease option. It also has a display with a timer and various indicators. As another nice feature, this dryer also has Samsung’s Smart Check feature. The dryer works with a Smartphone app that can help to diagnose problems and provide the user with solutions that can help with correcting issues.

 Nice selection of features and programmes

 Anti-crease and reverse action drum

 Samsung’s Smart Check

 Great energy efficiency with an A++ energy rating

 The dryer is a little noisy at times


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4. LG RC7066A2Z

LG RC7066A2Z condenser tumble dryer

The LG RC7066A2Z happens to be a really good tumble dryer for the price. This machine comes with a wide assortment of programs, and it also has a nice array of features. It is a 7kg tumble dryer, so it should be suitable for the average family, and it has a two-way drum for less tangling.

This machine performs well for drying laundry, and it has options for sensor and timed drying. You can use sensor dry settings like cotton, easy care, bulky, jeans, wool and quick, plus you have the timed dry options like gentle, cool and warm. Along with that, you can also adjust the drying level and the speed of the drum. It also has options like hand iron, anti-crease and you can set a favourite program with all of your settings for ease of use.

With this model, LG has made a condenser tumble dryer that is very user-friendly. It is easy to load and easy to get set up, plus it has LG’s Smart diagnosis system. With Smart diagnosis, you can use your Smartphone to run diagnostics that can help to sort out more than two-dozen common problems.

 Great programme options

 Timed and Sensor Drying

 Anti-crease Feature

 Reverse Action Drum

 Might take new users a little time to get used to the controls


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 5. Beko 7230W (Budget Best Buy)

Beko 7230W

The Beko 7230W is a great condenser dryer if you are working on a budget, but you still want a machine that performs well on all of the most important points. While you are certainly going to miss out on some of the more advanced features that you would get from the high-end models, this one still provides good performance for drying laundry.

This machine has 15 programmes, but it is a pretty standard set to choose from. You have a range of sensor drying options for things like cotton and synthetics, then you have four options for timed drying and there are a few special cycles like express, jeans and delicates. This machine also comes with a reverse action drum and it does have the anti-crease feature.

The 7230W is a 7kg capacity machine, so it is good for the average family and it is very easy to use. You just select the programme that you want from the dial and the machine is ready to start.

 Great value purchase

 Has anti-crease protection and reverse action drum

 Options for sensor and timed drying


 No display


 Program options are fairly basic

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A tumble dryer can make doing laundry much easier and more convenient. With the condenser models, it is now even easier for people to get a dryer in their home because these machines can go anywhere and you do not need to worry about running a vent.

When you go shopping for a condenser dryer, take your time to consider all of the options. Think about whether you want to spend the extra money on a heat pump model. Study the different features and programmes that are available and look for a machine that offers a good level of versatility.

The recommendations in this article include some of the best machines that are currently available and it covers machines at a range of different prices. We hope the information in this post was helpful, and we wish you luck in finding the right condenser dryer to use in your home.

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