Our Top 5 Black Washing Machines (& best online prices)

which are the best black washing machines?

One of the most surprising things that you may find when you start shopping for a washing machine is the immense selection that is available. There is no denying that the modern buyer has a lot of choice when it comes to picking out a new appliance. You have all of the different brands, a range of drum sizes, a myriad of features and programs to choose from and you also have different finishes and colours.

When many of these large appliances first came on the market, white was the only choices that you had. If you didn’t want to buy a white washing machine, it was time to get your hands wet! This is the reason things like washing machines and refrigerators are referred to as white goods. Now these machines come in a variety of different colours including metallic and even pastel shades! If you think a black machine will will be just the ticket to offset the design of your kitchen or utility room, you’ll find most major manufacturers now offer them.

In addition to the boring old white appliances, you’ll now also find plenty of machines that come in black, silver and grey. Though less common, there are also some that come in colours like blue, red, pink and brown. For the most part, you are going to have the best selection of machines in white. White is still the most popular colour for large appliances however, so the manufacturers go out of their way to make sure that they offer the best variety for white machines.

That said, black has become a fairly popular alternative and you can now find a great range of machines that come in this colour. If you are looking for a black washing machine, you will have several options, so you do not want to make the colour the only factor that you consider – you still want to take the time to make sure that you are getting a quality appliance for a good price.


What to look for

What to look for

Once you’ve decided that a black machine is going to be the best option for your home, there are various other factors you need to consider before making your purchase. We are only going to cover the basics for this article but if you want more information about finding the right appliance for your home, then it could help to read our washing machine buying guide.


The capacity will tell the buyer the amount of wash that the machine can handle for one load. For homes that have a lot of wash, it might be more helpful to look for a machine that can handle 9kg or more. If you do not have a lot of wash to do on a regular basis, then something like 6 or 7 kg might be enough.


For some buyers, the number of wash settings is an important point. These buyers like the special settings that can be good for different types of fabrics or for special applications. However, there are buyers that really only concern themselves with getting a machine that has the basic settings.


A washer may also come with a range of features that can be helpful. It could be something like a speed up feature or the ability to control the spin speed and the water temperature. Additionally, there are brands that have special features that some buyers may like.

 Ease of use

Most washers are going to be fairly easy to use, but there can be some difference from one model to the next. Generally, the simpler machines with fewer features are going to be the easiest to use, but there are other factors that can affect convenience and ease of use. The layout and design of the controls can matter, and you may want to consider the size of the porthole and the degree to which the door swings.

Below you’ll find our top 5 recommendations for Best Buy black washing machines. Obviously this is just our opinion, and you’ll want to do your own further research but these are all machines that we rate highly, and that have also received great feedback from buyers. Underneath each machine you’ll also see a price comparison chart which will show you the all the washing machine deals being offered on that model by some of the most popular online retailers including Currys, Argos, John Lewis, ao.com etc

1. LG TrueSteam F14U1JBS8

LG TrueSteam F14U1JBS8

If your budget permits, the LG TrueSteam F14U1JBS8 is one of the best black washing machines that you will find on the current market. It has a large 10kg drum for washing large loads, it comes with a diverse selection of features and programs and it provides great results for just about any laundry task that you put it to.

This washer has a six motion drum that allows the machine to use the right drum action for the task at hand. This provides the machine with a great ability to tackle a wide range of washing jobs while achieving good result. Right out of the box, this model has 14 programs for the user to selection from. You have your standard settings for things like cottons and darks, but you also have things like stain care and a steam treatment that is good for sanitizing and anti-allergy.

As an additional cool feature, this model also works with your Smartphone. You can actually download more programs and add them to the machine. If you want something like a special cycle for baby clothes, a deodorising wash, a cycle for gym clothes or a cycle jeans, it can be downloaded and added to the list. Additionally, the Smartphone connection can also be used to diagnose problems.

If there is a downside to this machine, it is that it can be a bit complicated for first time users. You have a lot of options and features that you can control, so it will take a few cycles for some people to learn their way through getting the machine set up. Other than that, it is fairly simple to operate. It has touch controls and all of the options are clearly labelled and easy to find.

Large 10kg drum

Great selection of advanced features

Good build quality

A+++ energy rating


Can be a little complicated to use at first

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2. Hoover Dynamic Next DXCC69IB3

Hoover Dynamic Next DXCC69IB3

The Hoover Dynamic Next DXCC69IB3 is a great machine that offers a lot of options, and it comes at a price that is very reasonable. This is a model that has a 9kg capacity, it has about a dozen different washing programs and it offers a number of different options for tailoring the wash to the needs of the user.

For cleaning performance, this machine does well. It can handle a good amount of laundry per load and it comes with a diverse selection of cycle options. For doing laundry, you have options like cottons, darks, mixed, wool, delicates and auto. In addition to that, you have a rapid wash that can be done in as little as 14 minutes.

Beyond the different cycle settings that you can choose from, you also have some options for customising the wash. You can control the water temperature and the spin speed. You have different options for the length of the rapid wash, and it has features like a prewash that can be added to the cycle and an easy iron feature.

This machine is also fairly easy to operate. You have a simple turn dial for selecting the wash cycle, and then you have push buttons for the features and the options. Additionally, it has a digital display with a countdown timer.

Large 9kg drum

Easy iron setting

 Great selection of cycles

A+++ energy rating

Some of the standard cycles do a run a little long 

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3. Hotpoint WMAO743K

Hotpoint WMAO743K

With the Hotpoint WMAO743K, you have a reliable machine that comes with all of the features and functions that you need, plus it even has a few extras. The 7kg capacity makes this a mid-sized washer, so it should be good for most homes. It comes with 12 wash programs and some handy features that will take some of the work out of doing laundry.

For its cleaning capabilities, users are going to find that this machine offers great performance. You have a number of different settings and it performs well across all tasks. You have your cotton program, the dark wash, mixed wash, wool and more, plus it has auto load size detection for a half load feature. You even have special cycles like baby wash, bed and bath and it has the My Cycle setting so the user can save a program with all of the settings just the way they like it.

In addition to a great selection of cycles, you even get some nice extras. The user can control the spin speed and the temperature, you have an anti-crease feature, a time saver and an eco wash option. The controls are well laid out and easy to understand, so it is a user-friendly machine that offers easy operation.

 Good range of programs

 Anti-crease feature

 My Cycle program

 A+++ energy rating

 Spin performance could be better

Spin can be a little loud

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4. LG F14U2TCN8


It is a bit on the expensive side, but for the price, the LG F14U2TCN8 has a lot to offer. It is an 8kg capacity washing machine, so it fits a good amount of wash per load, and it comes with a great range of features and functions.

This model has the six motion direct drive drum, so it offers a variety of different drum actions to provide the right type of care for a variety of different fabrics. It comes with a great selection of wash cycle options right from the start, and you can also use your Smartphone to download and add new program options to the machine. Out of the box, this model has settings for cotton, darks, mixed, sanitary, baby care and more.

For additional features, you can control the speed of the spin cycle, adjust the temperature, use an anti-crease feature and you can save your favourite settings for a preset. The controls are fairly easy to understand. You can select settings from the dial and it has touch buttons for most of the other options. As a nice additional feature, you can also diagnose common problems with an app for your Smartphone.

 Great range of features & programs

 Save your favourite settings for easy use

 It is a well made machine

 A+++ energy rating

Some programs take a long time to run

Spin performance could be better

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 5. Beko WMB81243LB (Budget Best Buy)

Beko WMB81243LB

If you want a model that is a little more affordable, then the Beko WMB81243LB can be a good option. Even at this low price, it offers an 8kg capacity drum and it still comes with a good selection of features and programs.

This Beko black washing machine comes with a total of 16 wash programs and it performs well on a wide range of tasks. It has all of the basic settings that you could need and it has special programs like baby clothes, intensive and woollens. Along with that, you have some good options for control and added features. You can adjust the temperature of the wash, change the spin speed, use the anti-crease feature and cut the wash times with the speed up.

As far as ease of use goes, this is a model that is very easy to operate. It has a simple turn dial for selecting programs and then you have buttons for the additional features. The WMB81243LB also has a display with a countdown timer and indicators to show the options that have been selected.

 Good options for programs and features

 Anti-crease feature

 Very easy to use

 A+++ energy rating

 Max spin speed is 1200

 Can be a little loud on the spin

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