Which Are The Best 9kg Washing Machines? See Our Top 5

the best 9kg washing machines
When you start looking for a new washing machine, one of the most important factors to consider is the drum capacity. By this, we mean the maximum load weight for the drum. This figure determines the total amount of laundry that you can do in one load, so it will have a major impact on both the convenience and efficiency of the machine.

Many buyers work under the assumption that bigger is better but this is certainly not always the case. In many cases, having a bigger washing machine will be better, but this is not true for every buyer. If the machine only needs to meet the needs of two people, a large machine will not be the best option. It will use more water and electricity to run than a smaller machine, and it will take a long time to accumulate enough washing to do a full load.

Some of these concerns can be mitigated if the model in question has a half-load cycle, but this is still unlikely to serve you as well as having a machine that is the correct size for the needs of your home. As an additional point, some machines do not allow you to use all of the special cycles and features when you run the machine on half-load, so it could limit your washing options.

On the other hand, getting a machine that is too small also has significant drawbacks. Some buyers might decide to go with a smaller machine because they can save a little money on the purchase. The problem is that, when you have an appliance that is too small, it is less convenient and it will likely cost you more in electricity and water. Instead of running two loads per week, you might find that you have to do three or four. This will not only take up more of your time, but it is also going to increase your energy and water consumption. Furthermore, with the machine running more frequently, it is also likely to lead to more wear on the machine’s components, and this will reduce the operating life.

In this article, we are going to look at what are, in our humble opinion, the best 9kg washing machines. As a general rule, a 9kg machine would be recommended for a home that has at least four people. It could also possibly be good for a home with five people, but once you get to six people or more using the same washing machine, it is time to start considering one of the extra large washing machines that can hold 10kg or more. Under each of our selections you’ll be able to compare prices for 9kg washing machines at a variety of popular appliance retailers like Currys, ao.com, John Lewis and Argos.

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Other points to consider

9kg Washing Machines

While there is no doubt that capacity is one of the most important considerations for getting the right washing machine, there are some other factors that can also make a significant difference to its long-term suitability for your home. Before giving you our picks for the best 9kg washing machine, we would like to provide a quick look at some of the other factors that can help a buyer to make a good decision. If you want to know more about what it takes to pick the right appliance, you can read our complete washing machine buying guide here.


There is much more to performance than the simple consideration of its cleaning capabilities. Beyond the ability to clean clothes, you want to consider factors like spin efficiency, cycle time length and fabric care. In addition to that, most machines have a long list of program options, so the results may be good with some cycles, but there may also be some that do not perform well.

 Programs & Features

One area where you will have a lot of options is in regard to the features and programs that different machines provide. Some machines might have automatic settings for different types of tasks, you have economy programs that can save electricity and water, there are machines that have half-load features and there are plenty of special cycles that might be useful.

 Spin Speed

Many buyers look at spin speed as an important consideration for getting the right machine. The maximum spin speed can make a different for the amount of moisture that will be left when the cycle is done running, but the drum design is another factor that can affect spin efficiency. If you want a machine that has an effective spin cycle, going for a higher speed like 1600rpm can help, but you also want to look for its rating for spin efficiency.

 Ease of Use

Of course, getting a machine that is the right size is going to go a long way toward ensuring convenience, but even with a machine that is right size, there are some other things that can affect ease of use. A machine with a larger porthole is going to be easier to load and unload. If the model has a lot of features and options, the design and layout of the controls will be important. As additional points, you may also want to look for things like a countdown timer and indicators that show the progress of the cycle.

1. Bosch Serie 8 WAW32560GB (Our Top Pick)Bosch Serie 8 WAW32560GB

The Bosch Serie 8 WAW32560GB is, without a doubt, one of the best washing machines on the current market. It is a little more expensive than some of the other machines that you will find, but this model delivers some of the best cleaning capabilities, and it offers an impressive array of features and options. In addition to that, it runs quietly and it is very efficient on both water and electricity.

If you are looking for the best cleaning results, there are few machines that can outperform this model from Bosch. For programs, the user has a great selection from which they can choose. To start, you have all of the basics like cottons, easy care for synthetics, mixed load and rinse & spin. For additional options, this model comes with special programs like night wash, wool, delicates, duvet, shirts, sportswear, anti-allergy and it has a 15-minute quick wash. The WAW32560GB from Bosch also has the VarioPerfect system, the Aqua Plus feature, the less ironing option and it comes with the Bosch AntiStain system. This 9kg washing machine also has 1600 spin which means there will be less water remaining after the spin cycle (see Spin Speed above for more info).

Even with all of these great features and programs, this Serie 8 machine is very easy to use. The electronic dial makes it easy to select programs, and you have a buttons for choosing the different features that you want to use with the cycle. It also has an LCD display that shows the countdown timer, and it can even tell you the amount of water and electricity that the cycle will use with all of the features that you select.

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Great Build Quality 

14 programs

Quiet operation

A+++ energy rating

Some of the cycles are a little long

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2. Samsung Ecobubble WF90F5E3U4WSamsung Ecobubble WF90F5E3U4W

This Samsung 9kg washing machine has a great design and packs in a number of advanced technologies. The Samsung Ecobubble WF90F5E3U4W is a machine that works well for a wide range of laundry tasks. It provides good washing, even at low temperatures, it is very efficient, and it has special features that help to make it one of the more versatile machines on the market.

With Samsung’s Ecobubble technology, this model gives top quality washing results on a range of different functions. For program selection, the user has 14 options that cover things like cottons, synthetics, darks, daily wash, spin and rinse & spin. For special cycles, the user has the stain away program, a setting for outdoor wear, wool, delicates, baby care and a special setting for bedding. Beyond that, you also have a quick wash that can be as short as 15 minutes – depending on the size of the load – and it has features for easy iron, pre-wash, rinse plus and more.

The WF90F5E3U4W has a well-designed control panel that makes the operation of this machine very simple. You have a display with a countdown timer, buttons for adjusting temperature and spin speed and it has a dial for program selection. As another feature that is nice, this machine also comes with Samsung’s Smart Check. This allows the user to diagnose many of the most common issues using a Smartphone app.

Great Build Quality 

 14 program options

  Easy iron feature

 A+++ energy rating

 A few of the cycles do run long

 On a full load the spin does get a little loud

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3. Bosch Serie 6 WAT28370GB

Bosch Serie 6 WAT28370GB

In this price range, you will not find many washing machines that can match up with the Bosch Serie 6 WAT28370GB. This model cleans well across just about every job, and it offers the user a wide range of features and programs. Furthermore, this model is exceptionally quiet and it does well in regard to efficiency.

This Serie 6 machine from Bosch comes with a total of 16 program options. That said, four of them are different temperature settings for cotton, and another two are easy care settings for synthetics. Taking this into account, you still have a good selection to choose from. In addition to the standard settings, this model also has special programs for things like wool, sportswear, delicates, shirts, anti-allergy and it has a quick wash that can run in 15 or 30 minutes. This model also comes with nice features like Aqua Plus and it has the Bosch VarioPerfect, which allows the user to choose between faster washing times or operation that is more economical.

For the most part, this machine is pretty easy to use. Like most modern machines, it has a dial for easy program selection. To manage the added features and the spin speed, this machine has an LED display with touch controls. For the most part, this system does work well, but it does take some getting used to.

 Great build quality

 Great build quality

 Very quiet

 A+++ energy rating

 Long cycle times

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4. Hotpoint WMAO963P

Hotpoint WMAO963P

In the Hotpoint WMAO963P, you have a good performer that has a nice range of features and programs. This model offers good cleaning results for a number of different jobs and it is fairly easy to use. It has one of the more efficient spin cycles that you will find, so that means less time drying, and it also does good when you consider its efficiency.

For washing options, this Hotpoint comes with all of the cycles that you need, but the selection is a bit limited when compared to some of the other models on this list. It has a selection that includes 12 options, but many of them are different temperatures or settings for the same task. You have three temperatures for both cottons and synthetics, and it has quick wash options for 30 and 60 minutes. After that, you have some special cycles like wool, bed & bath, baby and silk. In addition to that, this machine also has the My Cycle button, which allows the user to save a cycle with all of their favourite settings. For special features, this machine does have crease protection, super wash, extra rinse, a time saver and eco wash.

The WMAO963P from Hotpoint is easy enough to use, but many users will find that the controls could be better. The issue is that, instead of a dial for program selection, you have buttons. In addition to the buttons for the different cycles, you have individual buttons for the features and it has buttons for adjusting the spin speed and the temperature.

 A nice range of programs and features

 Good fabric care

 Very efficient spin cycle

 A+++ energy rating

Some of the cycles are a little long

The spin on this model is a little loud


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 5. Beko WMB91243LB (Budget Best Buy)

If you are looking for a 9kg washing machine that works well but doesn’t cost the earth then the Beko WMB91243LB is one model that should definitely take a look at. Even as a budget-priced option, this machine still comes with a great selection of features and options, plus it has cleaning capabilities that are comparable to machines that cost significantly more.

Most users will find that this machine is more than adequate for getting their laundry clean. It has a nice range of program options that includes settings for cotton, synthetics, mixed, baby clothes, daily quick, wool, hand wash, spin & drain and duvet. You also get a quick wash that can clean 2kg in about 15 minutes, and it can do a full load in just under 40. As features that can be added to cycles, you have a prewash, a timer saver, anti-crease and an extra rinse.

As far as ease of use goes, buyers should not have a hard time operating this Beko. All of your program options are laid out around a convenient turn-dial and it has buttons that are all clearly labelled for doing things like adding features and changing the temperature or spin speed.

 16 program options

 Some nice quick cycles

 Anti-crease feature

 A++ energy rating

 The eco cycle runs long

 Some of the cycle times run a little long

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