Beko WDIR7543101 Washer Dryer Review

Beko WDIR7543101
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  • Beko WDIR7543101
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  • Last modified: October 19, 2017
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Review Summary:

If you want a good integrated washer dryer at a reasonable price, the Beko WDIR7543101 is an appliance that should fit your needs. It offers a good selection of options for washing and drying clothes, and the washing performance can match up with standalone washers. There are a few ways in which this machine could be improved, but for the price, you won’t find many that offer as much as this model.

For the price, the Beko WDIR7543101 is a really good washer dryer. It provides good performance for washing laundry, and this combination machine comes with a nice range of programmes and features. This built-in appliance also delivers respectable efficiency, using an estimated 1,224 kilowatt hours of electricity per year for washing and drying.

The washing capabilities from this machine are pretty good, and the user can wash up to 7kg of laundry in a single load. It also comes with programmes that are just for washing, and it has a few programmes that do washing and drying all in one. For just washing, you have programmes like cottons and cottons eco, synthetics, woollens, hand wash, delicates, shirts, rinse only, spin & drain, super short, daily quick and a shirts programme. For washing and drying in the same programme, you have 5kg wash & dry, wash & wear and an anti-allergy wash & dry.

With the programmes alone, the WDIR7543101 offers the user a good number of options, but you can also make adjustments and add features. You can adjust things like the spin speed and the temperature, plus you can also speed the cycles up with the time saver, add a pre-wash or add an extra rinse. This integrated washer dryer also has automatic load size detection for washing half-loads, so the user can save money when they don’t have a full 7kg of laundry to wash.

The drying performance on this combination washer dryer is good, but it could be better. It has a capacity of 5kg for drying, and this machine has options for sensor drying and timed drying. It has dryer settings for synthetics and cottons, you can select from three different dryness levels, and it has a bi-directional drum to prevent tangling. One issue is that the sensor dry options often stop the cycle before the laundry is adequately dry, so you may find that you need to dry the clothes for a little longer after the machine has stopped. It would also be good if there were more options for timed drying. The only options are 30 minutes, 90 minutes and 150 minutes.

Overall, this integrated machine is fairly simple to use. It can take a little time to get used to setting all of the different features, but the instruction manual does a good job of explaining the operation. It has a dial for all of the washing and drying programmes, then you have some buttons for adding features, setting the drying time or dryness level and for adjusting things like spin speed and temperature. It also has a countdown timer on the display, which is handy for knowing when your laundry is going to be done.

If you’re looking for an integrated washer dryer at a keen price this model is certainly well worth considering.


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• 7kg washing capacity
• 5 kg drying capacity
• Options for continuous wash & drying
• 1400 rpm maximum spin speed
• Sensor and timed drying
• Anti-allergy wash and dry
• 14-minute quick wash
• Adjustable dryness levels
• Automatic half-load
• Add a pre-wash or an extra rinse to the cycles
• Time saver
• Delay start timer
• Display with countdown timer
• A energy rating
• 10-year warranty on the motor
• 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


• Sensor drying stops that cycle before clothes are dry
• Noisy during the spin cycle
• Eco programme takes a long time to run

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