Baumatic BTD1 Vented Tumble Dryer (Discontinued)

Sorry, the Baumatic BTD1 has been discontinued

The Baumatic BTD1 vented tumble dryer is an integrated tumble dryer which can dry 6 kg weight of laundry; it will fit behind a cupboard door seamlessly not detracting from the style of your kitchen in anyway. It comes with a 2 metre vent hose and cannot be placed on a plinth due to the air vents at the bottom. This tumble dryer has 6 drying settings.  The machine has an adjustable drying temperature of 50° to 60° and a timer of up to 120 minutes drying time.

The Baumatic BTD1 vented tumble dryer features a reversible drum motion which untangles clothes reducing creasing and an anti- crease programme for ease of ironing. The machine also features a galvanised drum and a removable fluff filter. The door opens to 180° meaning no accidents when you have your hands full, it also has adjustable feet. It has energy efficiency rating class C. It has a cool down feature which again helps with ironing and helps prevent shrinkages. The controls are very simple and the programmes are clearly marked on the front of the machine. The air vent means all the water and moisture is released to the outside as steam and does not need frequent emptying from your machine as in a condenser dryer. However the tumble dryer will have to be positioned by a hole in the wall or perhaps a window.

The dimensions are 85.0 x 59.5 x 53.0. It costs approximately £40 a year to run and uses 272 kWh a year. The noise level is 64 dB meaning it is very quiet. The porthole is quite small which may make it a little awkward when you are loading the machine. Customers consistently said that a design fault with this machine was the legs; apparently they buckle and bend under the weight of the machine. There were complaints about customer service too.  However it is understood that engineers are working on this problem. One customer said they had strengthened it with wood.   A plus side to this tumble dryer is the length of vent hose, it is 2 metres long which allows for a bit of flexibility when installing the dryer.

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