Are Second Hand Washing Machines Worth It?

Selection of second hand washing machines on Ebay

One of the questions we get asked the most is “Should I buy a second hand washing machine?” Although it sounds a little un-eco-friendly (for want of a better phrase) our response would generally be ‘no’.

We’ve all been there – the washing machine packs in and you need to replace it asap without spending an arm and a leg. You take a quick look at EBAY and think you can pick up a bargain that will solve your immediate problem and last for… a while.

The logic isn’t bad but you need to remember buying a 2nd hand washing machine isn’t like buying a pre-owned TV. You don’t have to plumb in a TV and the chances are you can get rid of the old one without too much bother (unless it’s one of those old cathode ray beasts that’s the size of a small car).

Our reasoning would be as follows…

  • Unless you can find a used machine locally you’ll need to pay for shipping and, bearing in mind the weight and bulk of the thing, it’s probably going to cost a fair few quid. Weigh this up against a new machine where the suppliers get bulk deals on shipping and you can probably get free delivery (as long as you’re prepared to wait in for a few hours to accept the package).
  • If it’s an older machine it will most likely be far less energy efficient than newer models which means you could be saving in the short-term and losing a bundle in electricity costs on an ongoing basis. You want it to last but actually, if you’re paying twice as much to run it on an ongoing basis, this is false economy.
  • Obviously if it’s a second-hand machine you’e very unlikely to get anything in the way of a warranty so, if it does break down, you’re back to square one (up that familiar creek without a paddle. And probably in a puddle. Sorry, couldn’t resist).

And here’s the real clincher, you can now buy a new washing machine from Beko that we would highly recommend, for £185 with free delivery which is really hard to beat. And it comes with a guarantee (only a year admittedly but feedback from customers generally says these machines are very reliable). As a Beko owner of about 3 years myself I can safely say I’ve not had any problems yet. And my previous machine had a curse on it. I won’t name and shame the manufacturer here (please email for further details…)

So, whilst we would never say you should pass up the chance to save a few quid we would also say that you should give the above points a thought first and then, if you can, go for a new machine at the budget end of the scale instead.

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