AEG Washing Machine Guide

picture of the aeg logoThe history of AEG dates back to the 19th century when they were one of the first companies to get into the manufacture of electrical components in Germany. Since then, the company has changed hands several times and today it is owned by the Swedish multinational, Electrolux. AEG appliances have a relatively small share of the UK market, but are generally considered to be good quality by the public.


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The Basic Options

AEG offers a fairly wide range of washing machines (at the time of writing they list 31 different models on their website). They come in various sizes and with a range of different options. For most buyers, it should not be hard to find an AEG washing machine that fits their home.


Depending on their requirements buyers can choose from a range of models that can hold anywhere from 7 to 10kg of washing in a single load. The majority of models on offer come in the 7 and 8kg sizes. Above this size, you have about 10 machines that can handle 9kg or more.


The vast majority of the AEG range are freestanding models. Their site currently boasts 29 freestanding models and only 2 integrated ones but this is a pattern that is quite common with manufacturers.


The options for finish are also somewhat limited with this brand. When you shop for a washer from AEG, it is very likely that white is going to be your only colour choice. That being said, they do occasionally offer models with a silver or other alternative finish but white is very much the de facto standard.

Spin Speed

Maximum spin speeds on AEG machines vary between 1200rpm and 1600rpm. In addition to this, most have have variable spin features.


AEG Washing Machine Features

The range of washing machines from AEG offer a nice selection of features. They don’t have as many of their own brand specific features as you would get with some of the top end machines, but they do offer a wide selection of features and programs.

Protex Drum: This a specially designed drum that is intended to improve washing and protect the fabric of items in the washer.
Steam Refresh: This is a feature that is designed to give clothes a quick refreshing when they do not need a full wash.
Load management: Adjusts water use, energy consumption and cycle time based on the size of the load.
Special programs: Many AEG washers come equipped with special washing cycles. Some of the cycles include quick wash, anti-allergy, wrinkle protection, wool, super silent and super eco.


Picture of the AEG Lavamat L87405FL 10Kg Washing Machine


Build Quality and Repairs

While AEG washing machines don’t make the top grade for reliability and longevity, they do perform well in this regard. Consumers can expect to get a good number of years from one of these machines and most of the common parts will be fairly easy for a repair service to find. However, as with most washers, there are a couple parts where once it goes, the cost of the replacement part will make the value of a repair prohibitive. That being said, it should be quite a few years before one of these repairs is necessary and AEG backs most of their washers with warranty coverage of 2-years or better.






Efficiency of AEG Washing Machines

This is probably one of the areas where AEG does better than most of their competitors. Almost the entire range gets an energy rating of A+++ and many of their machines far exceed even this high standard for efficiency. If you are looking for a washer that is going to save on electricity, then AEG is a brand that is going to offer a wide selection of machines that beat even the best of standards.


How much do AEG washers cost?

Considering the quality that you get from AEG, the price is fairly reasonable. If you are shopping in the 7kg range, then you should be able to find plenty of good options priced for £350 or less, however, toward the top end of this size, the machines will cost in excess of £450. At the 8kg size, the machines start at around £350, but the top end models in this size go for about £500 or more. If you are looking for an extra large machine of 9kg or larger, you are probably going to have to spend at least £600.


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If you have the time, take a look at the video below which is a documentary created by AEG called ‘The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing’